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Posted: Mon, 22. Mar 04, 19:26
by sempai(be)
Kinda found out myself that the "silicontrade" was much more profitable then the much hyped "energy cell trade".

Just bought the game on Friday so have a lot of trading to do.

Nice to see that someone made the effort to write everything down.
Thanks Creston.

Posted: Wed, 24. Mar 04, 03:36
by Creston
Glad you all enjoyed it. :)


Posted: Sat, 3. Apr 04, 19:57
by ClaumaniC
it's a real silicon mining. :P :lol:

Posted: Sun, 18. Apr 04, 11:16
by CarlosTheCactus
I'm going to give this a try later today but with a slight twist.

I have two silion mines in Ore Belt currently with one Pirate Ship selling the wares of both withing 2 jumps (so they don't stray into Presidents End). I'll see how many credits / hour you can make combining you own mines with the dolphin / jump drive method and will report back to the forum later this week (I have lots of work to do for univeristy so can't spend as much time as I would like X2ing).

Also, please excuse my stupidity, what does it mean to "*bump*" in a forum??


Posted: Sun, 16. May 04, 21:44
by Telekoe
Goeie gids .
Ik heb een link naar hier gelegd in de nederlandstalige site .

Posted: Tue, 18. May 04, 09:02
by kinein
An Excellent Guide , wish there was a section where all the great informative threads could be stored to give maximum attention and make it easier for new players to access :)

Maybe someone could clean up all the guides and make a egosoft section that you could click and read and select like x2source or the commander's site. Wish I knew how to make good websites.. I'm a dinosaur when it comes to html.

Posted: Tue, 18. May 04, 09:05
by The_Abyss
Some are stickied here

Posted: Tue, 18. May 04, 10:58
by CBJ
Added to the Ultimate Guide.

Posted: Tue, 13. Jul 04, 00:56
by Criminal_Colt
Well i thought i would mention that all the silicon mines are selling at around 500 and people are buying at around 490!

Whats up with that?

I mean everywhere...

1.3 installed with 0 scripts

Colt :D

Posted: Tue, 13. Jul 04, 03:25
by gengis_cohen
Creston wrote:Look around for a place that offers to pay 781 credits for Silicon. Jump there, and sell the full load of Silicon to them. Now, check the bulletin board.......................................
Leave the station once you've accepted, turn around, fly straight back in, and you can sell an additional 40 or so Silicon for 781 AND get a nice cash bonus to boot. Pure profits.

Just a note,
You've accepted the mission, you merrily hit ESC and find yourself sitting in the dock. Your choice here is to hit ESC and find yourself flying out the docking doors or you could be like me and not of realised this and manually turned around and flown out of the station. (OK took me two weeks to realise, I'm admitting I'm a bit slow. Spent that two weeks manually flying through the station to the dock too) OR, for the sake of arguement you could just hit enter whilst sitting in the dock and find yourself back in the station menu with mission complete.
Anyone that wants to chime in and say flying through the station is good practice and gives better chance of finding pressies may do so. Personally, I think the station owners like me more when I don't scratch up their interiors.


EDIT: Forgot to say 'Great post.' Hadn't thought of using a fac/mine to find best buy/sell locations. Is what I love about this game and these forums, always something new to learn.

Posted: Tue, 13. Jul 04, 09:02
by pjknibbs
Criminal_Colt wrote:Well i thought i would mention that all the silicon mines are selling at around 500 and people are buying at around 490!

Whats up with that?

I mean everywhere...

1.3 installed with 0 scripts

Colt :D
It depends how much stock they have. Lots of silicon = low price. Therefore you need to find a silicon mine with lots of silicon aboard, and ship it to a factory which has very little silicon aboard--that's the way the game works!

Posted: Tue, 13. Jul 04, 09:45
by Criminal_Colt
Lol when i said everywhere thats what i ment!


I have tried at least 6 sectors! Can't do any more until I can afford a jumpdrive.

Colt :D

Posted: Thu, 15. Jul 04, 18:58
by Mattremote
Very useful post!

Mercenary mentioned supplying the NPC silicon mines you stock up at with energy. This can be expanded by using some of the NPC mines as your own pet silicon mines...

Build a silicon mine of your own somewhere like Herron's Nebula which has two mines already present. Use one freighter for buying energy (very cheap in The Wall and elsewhere locally), and it will merrily go back and forth buying energy and stocking up your own mine, which will produce at an middling rate. Use a second freighter to cart extra energy (you'll have more than you need in your own mine) to the two NPC silicon mines in Herron's, and to cart silicon back to your mine when the NPC mines stock up and their prices drop low. Then either have a 3rd freighter selling from your mine at a good price, or when you have saturated the local market (which will happen regularly), use a fast freighter to sell more distantly or go the jumpdrive route.

Pros: Huge profitssssss.
Cons: Regular (but you can time it to the minute if you care to do so) manual attention to carting energy to the pet npc silicon mines and bringing silicon back (but then silicon trading on a massive scale requires manual intervention).

<Sorry, I know i have to register, but I'm posting this from work and don't have the disk here.>

Posted: Fri, 30. Jul 04, 23:38
by Nazull
when can you start this out

i mean can i start doing this right after iv done the transport missions and sold the 2 shields or do i have to give it some time befor the mines are up n running or is the silecon sold from tradeing docks n not from mines ?

Posted: Mon, 9. Aug 04, 12:42
by SosUnCerote
:o Um... I thought the guide was really great. Only have a slight problem... The silicon wafers are highlighted in red. I checked and my boron Manta can only handle L size cargo :?

Is this a nerf for 1.4?

So I'm stuck doing energy runs until I can afford the dolphin!!!

Still, the guide is a great source of information. Thanks for writing it.