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Posted: Sun, 22. Feb 04, 17:59
by Rushyo
You are supposed to sell it's equipment before you talk to her to finish the mission, if you want to be a low down cheat like everyone else :)

Posted: Sun, 22. Feb 04, 18:05
by sc4r4b
Thanks. So I am SOL because I completed the mission... :P

Posted: Sun, 22. Feb 04, 18:07
by Rushyo
*no comment* :D

trade guide

Posted: Sun, 22. Feb 04, 19:57
by smudga
Cheers Creston,
Now off to try - looks superb, thanks for taking the time :)

Posted: Sun, 22. Feb 04, 22:48
by Creston
stig12 wrote:hi can anyone help plz ,i am following theses tip and have upgraded my ship ,gone to geo's buck and got the best buy and sell upgrades but i cant get them to work game says i need trading extenion software ,now i have got this and game said installed but every time i press "5" it dont work what am i missing here
thx for any help
Hi Stig,

The "5" key bit can actually be a bit misleading, since it doesn't work on every screen. To always get to the best buy, best sell locator, press enter while you're flying around, go to the Navigation screen, and that's where you'll find two menu options for them. That should always work.

Let us know if it doesn't.


Posted: Wed, 25. Feb 04, 13:20
by rival
Thanks for this - it made me my first million!

Posted: Fri, 27. Feb 04, 14:51
by Al

Great post that shouldn't be down on page 7 :evil:

Posted: Fri, 27. Feb 04, 15:32
by purpleblob
the best buys and sells, can you only check in the sector you are in? or has it got a better range than that?

Posted: Fri, 27. Feb 04, 15:48
by Huw
Al wrote:<bump>

Great post that shouldn't be down on page 7 :evil:
Maybe someone who runs a fansite would consider hosting this technique?

Posted: Fri, 27. Feb 04, 16:02
by Al
I've posted a link in the Ultimate guide sticky. Guess that'll have to do for now.


Posted: Fri, 27. Feb 04, 16:30
by Mercenary
Great post :thumb_up:

There are many ways to earn credits through trading. Remote trading is the next step. I supposed you could say the next advanced trading step over and above doing all the freight haulage yourself.

It also requires that you have already bought the best buys / sell additions, trading system extension for your own ship, and as soon as you have a second freighter the main piece of equipment is to have on that is perhaps a duplex / triplex scanner (but only so you can check if it's in potential danger)

As you save the 0.5M credits for a Mk3 trading extension you'll have to manage your freighters manually. So whilst you have the auto pilot guiding your ship to the next destination you can be ordering you second / third / fourth freighter to buy and sell goods in other sectors of the universe.

This is trading on a grand scale and without having to build a single station. Silicon is a great starting point but when running multiple trading ships numerous short runs will outstrip the profits of single long runs.

Once you reach the point of self managing nine to ten remote traders, jumpgates and docking will suddenly become inconveniences and you won't even touch the SETA button to get anywhere, you'll be too busy. Until you buy them all a mk3 trading extension each.

As a side note: Also remember that Silicon Mines need energy cells. When you strip a mine of all it's Silicon remember to haul in some EC's to help with the production of the next major profit bonus for yourself.

Posted: Sat, 28. Feb 04, 18:59
by Creston
In response to a few things mentioned above :

The range of the best buy / best sell locator is one sector only, yes, but it works for every sector that you have an "asset" in. Hence my advice to plunk satellites down in sectors with a lot of potential suppliers and / or buyers, so you can always check the prices in those sectors.


I tried doing stuff remotely, and it just annoyed me. First of all you lose so much time on the peculiarities of the auto pilot, and second it becomes too much work for too little profit. You mention hauling energy cells back to a silicon mine, which seems like a complete waste of time to me, since there is very little profit to be made in it. (Percentage wise the profit is excellent, but in profit per volume unit it's just crap)

I'm not sure that you'd be making a million credits an hour if you remote managed ten ships all by yourself and didn't use SETA. Not to mention the fact that probably not everyone can remote manage that many ships, I know I can't. :)

Also, I think if you put too many ships out there hauling silicon around (or perhaps you were just talking about any kind of freight in general), you're going to start averaging the lowest buy and highest sell price out. I'd rather do one silicon load which I buy for 230 and sell for 760 than three of them which I buy at 450 and sell at 550, if you know what I mean.

But, to each his own, ofcourse, I was actually more offering advice for how to get your first few million. What people do with it afterwards is totally up to them. There's quite a few better ways to make money afterwards than trading, to be honest. (Capture NOVAS!!! :D )


Posted: Mon, 1. Mar 04, 01:21
by Aziraphale
Does game difficulty has any bearing on the min/max price of the different produces?

Because in my trading (been plying the lanes for a good 10 hours now, on and off) I have never encountered anywhere where they're willing to pay more than 592 for a unit of silicium, even if the factory in question is totally out of the resource.
And on the flipside, even if the silicium mine is full, it won't part with its produce for less than 414 a unit.

What's up? :?

Posted: Mon, 1. Mar 04, 01:22
by The_Abyss
Aziraphale wrote:Does game difficulty has any bearing on the min/max price of the different produces?
None at all

Thanks for the reply

Posted: Mon, 1. Mar 04, 15:40
by Aziraphale

What's up then? Has the prices been changed with the patches then? I'm running v1.2 and I'm certain I haven't seen the same ranges as reported in this thread. Nor for energy cells. The ranges I've seen go from 6 to 26, not from 9 to 23.

Not that I mind. I was just wondering is all. :wink: