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Post by orion_1394 » Fri, 10. Oct 08, 21:49

Wow so picture this:

Tech guy 1: "so heard you was on mars with the terraformers eh? scary things those machines are, don't ya think?"

Tech guy 2: "yeh thhose things are scary but very quick at their work"

Tech guy 1: "so now that you finished the reprograming you think you'll go to Titan? heard they have some old software that needs a patcher like you"

Tech guy 2: "na, besides i think i've lost my D++ touch these days, on the way back i think i put a 1 were theres supose to be a 0, eh never mind most likely it'll just dig an hour more"

Tech guy 1: "or become its own race?"

Tech guy 2: "what? don't be silly.. that could never happen...."

(Same time: Xenon attack mars base and disapear into space)

Tech guy 2: *laughs* "if that ever happened i would eat my wife"

Well you get the picture now. Lol
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Post by Hob Anagerik » Sat, 11. Oct 08, 01:04

Result for the wife anyway! :lol:
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