X-Beyond the Frontiers Saved game editors?

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well, good thing don't last long. :(

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Re: X-Beyond the Frontiers Saved game editors?

Post by ronz69 » Sun, 4. Oct 20, 01:04

I was able to get over 21 million credits by editing the save file in a hex editor. Follow the below steps and it will work.

*** Back up your save file before editing it !! ***

Download a free hex editor (I use Hex workshop editor 64bit).
Write down how many credits you currently have.
Open calculator and switch to programmer mode then click decimal on left side. Enter amount of credits without the decimal and write down the hex code on left.
Open your save file in hex editor then enter the hex code into the search field (little binoculars) If you use the editor I use. Also, make sure you adjust the setting in the search to search entire file and change from text string to hex.

Note *< This is where it gets a bit confusing. If you do not locate your hex code, first make sure you adjusted the setting, if still cannot find it then you will have to adjust your credits in the game to change your hex value then repeat the above process. >*

When you locate the hex code look at the bottom to see how many instances, you will have to change them all!
Change the hex to the following (FF FF FF) now this alone will not give you 21 million credits. In order to get 21 million you must change the last two hex values in front of your hex to 7F. So the finished product should look like 7F FF FF FF.

Just so you are aware, I tried to acquire more than 21 million, I believe it goes over the integer set by the developers and it causes you to have negative credits.

If successful you will now have 21 million credits! Go buy whatever you want and once out of credits repeat above process to get another 21 million.

Note *< If you are playing XBF through Steam app you will have to start the game to display the menu then you save your altered hex file. If you do not do this it will revert the save file back to the original. It took me a while to figure this out, I thought I was doing something wrong or the hex editing trick was bogus. I am not sure if this applies to the disc version, I had to purchase the digital version since my laptop doe not have a drive to install my old disc.

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