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Posted: Tue, 3. Jul 12, 13:28
by Skite
Thoraxe wrote:That's an idea. I'll install Firefox and give that a try first. Besides, I don't know how to get my email address to you without posting it all over the forums. Thank you for the suggestion. If Firefox doesn't do the trick, I'll be back :)
Thoraxe wrote:Heh, I found that I already had Firefox installed :oops: and it worked just fine. Thanks again for your help :D
No problem! I'll send you a PM with some useful add-ons for Firefox.
And you could have send your e-mail-address through that same PM system. ;)

Posted: Tue, 3. Jul 12, 19:36
by V2200
[X3R] X3 ships database by V2200(excel) (23/7/2007)

Please update link there

Posted: Fri, 7. Sep 12, 22:13
by Graphil


Posted: Thu, 27. Sep 12, 08:26
by lyndonguitar
Hi, I have made a starter's guide for newcomers, confused players in X3AP.

Posted: Mon, 1. Oct 12, 23:04
by Graphil

Posted: Sat, 16. Feb 13, 17:12
by Dog G6
If you wouldn't mind, I have a detailed stock trading guide, covering how to trade companies, commodities, and what little tricks the Index can play on you. It also includes a list of commodities I trade and how to trade them.

If you wouldn't mind adding it, the link is


Posted: Sun, 17. Feb 13, 00:58
by Graphil

Posted: Sat, 2. Mar 13, 11:55
by Dog G6
I have another guide, this one is a guide for the Humble Merchant start. Thanks.

DERP Guides: X3 AP Humble Merchant Guide (Chapter 1: Starting Your Empire) ... /#more-840

Posted: Sat, 2. Mar 13, 14:58
by Graphil

Posted: Thu, 4. Apr 13, 07:57
by Alacard1
2 guides, both deal with traders.

Posted: Wed, 10. Apr 13, 09:35
by Alacard1

Posted: Sat, 8. Jun 13, 03:04
by jagji56
Ok, I was looking at the tutorials for the CLS software, and I found that all the tutorials where confusing... So, instead of something telling us how to set one up, could someone do a list of what each command dose, or point me to something that is already doing that?


Posted: Sat, 8. Jun 13, 10:08
by X2-Illuminatus
Explanations of the CLS menu entries can be found directly in the Bonus Package threads of the CLS: Commodity Logistics Software MK1 (CLS1) and Commodity Logistics Software MK2 (CLS2).

Posted: Sun, 9. Jun 13, 08:20
by jagji56
Thanks! :D Now I can work out what I am doing. lol.

Posted: Mon, 5. Aug 13, 17:01
by stoudtlr
Thank you for these guides!! I'm new to the X series, just bought the X package on Steam when it was on sale last week, and have been playing X3AP. I've read almost every guide linked to for X3TC and X3AP and they helped incredibly.