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Posted: Sat, 1. Mar 08, 16:22
by Skeletun
Thanks Softweir, but I did try that. I've left the sector come back, and checked the comms and his name isnt there. I've restarted the missions from the beginning and still ran into the same problem. I've checked every station there and he just isnt in the comms menu.
Is there a certain point within the game you have to start themissions by or its too late? I

Posted: Sun, 2. Mar 08, 14:01
by softweir
Sorry about the delay, I was trying to find a savegame that would allow me to check.

I did a google search of these forums, and it's the EQ Dock you need. Dock with it. If you don;t get an incoming message on docking, use the internal comms facility from the Station menu.

If that doesn't work and you have a savegame from before you delivered the blueprints, go back to that and try again.

If all that fails, try posting a new thread - I don't think many people look at this one these days.

Good luck!

Posted: Sun, 2. Mar 08, 18:59
by Skeletun
Hey Thanks again. Really appreciate the effort. I'll give that a shot again and if not I'll post a new thread.
Thanks again

Posted: Tue, 25. Aug 09, 07:03
by dcunio55
The bonus missions are a blast-opps shouldn't hav said that....
love the entir program of hours and hours of plotten and planning just to be kneelhauled on the next turn..... think security. :lol: :lol: :D

Posted: Tue, 25. Aug 09, 07:06
by Xenon_Slayer
Was that really worth dragging up a topic which has been inactive for well over a year?