Sector Trader/Universe Trader Guide Now Available (X3)

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Post by ShrunkenQuasar » Thu, 28. Jan 10, 22:32

So I followed this guide and got my two Mercury's set to sector trade. I have one set to trade in Home of Light, and the other in Antigone Memorial. The problem is, they never move off standby. I played for a couple hours and they didn't budge. Figuring it would take some time, I left the game running all night long. Still hadn't moved, and my credit account was untouched. I'm not sure what is the matter. I tried moving them to other sectors and that didn't help either.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Post by Gruber1232002 » Thu, 28. Jan 10, 22:52

This thread is a little old as the last post was July 2007.

1) There is an issue with the poisoned Paranid start where ST's & UT's don't work till you finish the miniplot.

2) I haven't checked but are you sure there are things to buy and sell in those two sectors? Make sure there is an active source of products which are resources for other factories in the sector.

3) I'm almost positive there is a UT guide in the stickies that's more modern than this one. The X games change subtly over time.

4) Good luck.

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Post by perkint » Fri, 29. Jan 10, 00:14

What game are you playing? If you're playing X3TC this thread is not about the same game!

Here is a thread you may find more useful :)

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Post by FyreByrd » Sat, 3. Apr 10, 17:45

Ok without wanting to bump this thread past the already mentioned necromancy - this thread was written (flip me nearly 5 years ago!!!) as a guide to making sector traders into uni traders for X3 Reunion as at the time millions of threads were being created daily (NOT an exageration!) to ask the question. This guide was for v1.2.1 of X3 was superseded, and improved on by willwilk and was kept updated better

Sector/Uni trader scripts were re-written(then re-written again!) for TC so this guide is not useful in the slightest.

As willwilk's guide is pretty much the be-all and end-all for sector/uni traders in X3 Reunion, I'll PM a mod, to lock this thread off and let it disappear!

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Post by Deleted User » Sat, 3. Apr 10, 17:57

Please stick to the more recent guides regarding uni and sector traders.


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