Can't find beacon in Elysium of Light

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Can't find beacon in Elysium of Light

Post by MasterofZero » Wed, 15. Jan 20, 21:17

I'm at the Goner Plot "Resource Collection", where I must build a Teladianium Foundry in Elysium of Light.
The guides say put the Foundry at the Nav Beacon, but I can't find the beacon in that sector.
I tried placing the Foundry at mid-sector, and at Goner Onzias, but those didn't work.

Where is the beacon, and is there another alternative to place the Foundry?
Thanks for any help or advice!

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Re: Can't find beacon in Elysium of Light

Post by jlehtone » Thu, 16. Jan 20, 18:26

Do you have mission guidance on for the mission?
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Re: Can't find beacon in Elysium of Light

Post by Alan Phipps » Thu, 16. Jan 20, 20:45

When you commit to build an NPC station at a specific point, the build mission briefing *should* give the intended x,y,z coordinates for the point to build at. This is because collision detection can cause the physical beacon to be moved significantly when you next enter the sector. In such cases you should build at the coordinates briefed and not necessarily where you now find the beacon (if you do find it). I hope this is true of plot mission builds as well, but I am not positive about that.
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Re: Can't find beacon in Elysium of Light

Post by Timsup2nothin » Sat, 18. Jan 20, 19:04

Beacons can move when you enter the sector and collision kicks on. I think they can also be destroyed by pirates if they have some sort of random destructive urge.

Find a save from shortly before you took the mission, then go take the mission again. Before you leave the sector, fly around and find the beacon and take note of its coordinates. Then go back to your current game and build the station at those coordinates.
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