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How to resitrict factions that can trade with station.

Posted: Mon, 20. Nov 23, 14:45
by Tharrg
Can you restrict factions that can trade with your station, other than disallow all other factions?

I have a Nostrop complex in tears of greed. I am playing Terran spy, but have not built a TOA, and I don't want my Terran rank to slip any more. So

Teladi - I want them to be able to land and buy Nostrop. Everyone loves them.
Argon & Boron. I am Queens Nemesis and Confirmed Enemy so do not lose secondary reputation if I trade with them. So Fine with Aragon and Bornons trading. This might change if I gain ranks.
Split & Paramid. Friends with Split and Paramid, so do not want to trade as I will lose reputation with Terran factions.

So I want to disallow Split and Paramid landing and trading with the complex but allow others. Is this possible? This is the opposite of my global faction blacklist which is to stop my ships from straying into Argaon or Boron territory.

Is the only solution to disable all races from trading with the station and then use ships to sell Nostrop; With a ship-specific blacklist?

Re: How to resitrict factions that can trade with station.

Posted: Wed, 22. Nov 23, 03:18
by BrigandPhantos77
Set those races to enemy. with the station.

Open station menu > Advanced > Command Console > Lower half