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Removed from "Behold" thread

Posted: Thu, 8. Apr 21, 18:42
by Graaf
It is strange that Egosoft keep telling us that the code for the real serie is unsuitable to work with, yet we keep getting these huge mods and now an actual successor of X3.

Re: Behold, X3 yet lives!

Posted: Thu, 8. Apr 21, 19:07
by CBJ
Well, there it is, just as I predicted. We offer a free game, yet still you find something to complain about. There really is no pleasing some people. :roll:

And for the record, no, there is nothing strange about it at all. The X3 engine is single-threaded, 32-bit, and uses legacy technology for a number of its features. It's fine for a community-led expansion project like this, but does not provide what we need for X4 and beyond.