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"KnoWhere" - Player-HQ Variation

Posted: Fri, 16. Oct 20, 18:06
by Repli
Hey guys,
first of all, thank you for your comments on steam for this project.
I received many requests for sharing the construction plans - so here we are:
Pictures: ... D37B896BD/ ... FCFE6265B/ ... 342F73F87/

I planned and built it a long time ago, but tested today again with 3.3.
In my latest playtrough, i did not built it again because it is a performance-killer.
Therefore I take no responsibilty for exploding hardware or gamebraking performance :oops:
The huge amount of defence-platforms seems to be a big reason for performance-issues.

It consists of nearly 1300 modules and as far as I remember, every (but venture-modules) buildable modul is included. It is complete functional (as far as I know), but I am really not sure about the balancing of production modules anymore. :oops:
Probably you will have overproduction of some wares. The shipyards are self-sufficient.
Population is around 35k.
Edit: maybe some pathing-problems occur while in sector, didn't oberserved it actively.

The xml-file is larger than the allowed 512 kilobyte, so I attached a compressed file. If there are any problems with it, please report.

Have fun!

Re: "KnoWhere" - Player-HQ Variation

Posted: Wed, 21. Oct 20, 08:25
by Scarletian

Re: "KnoWhere" - Player-HQ Variation

Posted: Sat, 24. Oct 20, 21:14
by Vyktor Viper
Wow....that is a massive complex. It's alot of space to work with but not much my hardware can do with it lol.
Really job well done.

Re: "KnoWhere" - Player-HQ Variation

Posted: Mon, 26. Oct 20, 18:30
by Kabalake
Mega nice build but, i dont like the Player HQ and i hope the Hq get a upgrade in the new DLC in 2021.

So i have replace the HQ in the xml, load ist delete the replace ingame and exportet it.

here is your Mega nice Creation without the Player HQ to place it everywere.

I call it The City.