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TEL - Advanced Electronics Chain

Post by Baddieus » Fri, 22. Dec 23, 03:12

Howdy Everyone,

I'm really starting to like the Teladi stations this round and thought I'd share a chain for those would like to use it. (Pics Link:
*Don't forget to make a trade rule for yourself only as set it as global default, then you can un-restrict the end products.
Also, Manually set the internal products storage low. (Energy 20k, Water, Flowers, Spice 5k, & T-dium, Q-tubes, S-Wafers 10k)
*Beware the Kha'ak!* - I have 3x Peregrine's loaded w/Pulses all around, assigned to protect position 20km around all of my stations.

TEL - Hull Parts Plus (8x & 12x)
The 8x is the 1st station in the chain because it does not have workers and will help fill up the Hull Parts everywhere making them cheap for purchase.
It is easily upgraded to the 12x, but you will want to get the habitats added & filled up as much as possible before adding the 2x Graphene & 4x Hull parts modules.
This will make much more Graphene than needed, but you will need that extra for the Quantum tubes in your other stations and can also un-restrict for general sale.
I have 3 Large Ore Miners, 1 Large Methane Miner, and 8 Osprey Sentinels assigned to the station, plus 1 each Ore/Methane assigned as local sector miners. (18 Billion)

TEL - Food & Meds
This is the 2nd station to build, which I put in Memory of Profit IX, and it will make double the water needed because of the future Terraforming mission in that sector.
There is a Gambling Den attached to this station which I highly recommend getting the blueprint for before building as workers collect slowly in central Teladi space.
I have 2 Large Ice Miners & 12 Guillemot Sentinels as traders, plus 1 Large Ice in local sector. Guillemot's may only deliver small amounts, but locals stations don't use alot.
Also, I keep both the Nostrop Oil and Medical Supplies open for sale as well as allowing my other stations to purchase from the economy, and there are plenty of credits incoming.

Tel - Microchips 8x
This is the 3rd station I built before completing the Hull Parts Plus because I wanted the income, which allowed this station pay for it's self within about 5 hours of being completed.
Both the Microchips and the S-Wafers are for sale, and I have 3 Large Silicon Miners assigned + 1 Large Silicon local miner, and 8 Osprey Sentinels assigned as traders. (Grand Exch IV)
Also you will note in the pic that this one has the Casino in the blueprints, which is also highly recommended, but like any module, can be loaded in the simulator & removed.

TEL - Advanced Electronics 8x
I went full tower style with this one so you'll need a 4x4x square, but a 6x6 high plot to put it in, and it might look weird at 1st but it will grow on you and might even become a template.
You will notice that this station makes it own food so will need a Large Ice Miner & 2 Medium Helium, and I have 8 Osprey Sentinels assigned as traders to help get Graphene & Microchips imported.
Once fully operational you will find the economy traders will be visiting immediately and that your local stock of Advanced Electronics rarely tops 500, which means all are bought at near max price.

Working the math, you can have 2 of the Advanced Electronics stations supported by this chain, or up to 5 of them if you build a 2nd Microchips station for support. (1 = 2,938 Adv-Elec per hour)

Hope ya'll like this one as much as I do so far ... I'm already making about 12mil an hour and Hull Parts are abundant in my X-Verse.

TEL - Advanced Electronics 8x.xml
(34.79 KiB) Downloaded 222 times
TEL - Food _ Meds.xml
(30.28 KiB) Downloaded 157 times
TEL - Hull Parts Plus 8x.xml
(25.12 KiB) Downloaded 156 times
TEL - Hull Parts Plus 12x.xml
(31.58 KiB) Downloaded 169 times
TEL - Microchips 8x.xml
(25.4 KiB) Downloaded 163 times

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Re: TEL - Advanced Electronics Chain

Post by shortfried » Tue, 6. Feb 24, 16:29

Darn... gotta get all them Teladi-Blueprints next time, cause I went all out on SPL-Design this playthrough :D

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Re: TEL - Advanced Electronics Chain

Post by CulunTse » Thu, 28. Mar 24, 10:14

Nicely done!

I really like how you put all the biomes at the top, creating a real "sprouting mushroom field" look.
I'm going to try that for myself as well, I usually have the biomes "in plane" of my (rather flat) stations, and that just isn't visually exciting. Thanks for the inspiration!

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