[7.0 Beta8] ZYA is helpless because..!

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[7.0 Beta8] ZYA is helpless because..!

Post by stillsuit » Tue, 11. Jun 24, 13:55

Aha! Another useless thread about faction being too weak/strong without player influence, based on a random seed experience.
I was sitting in SETA, looking from time to time at the galaxy situation, rolling my eyes each time another ZYA sector falls and them doing nothing about it, when I noticed:

Their unique Shipyard never build anything. Never. At first I thought it's because of some job shenanigans, presumably they are prioritising civilian fleet or something, as the shipyard at first glance have a decent amount of resources:


Ore and Methane are the only resources that it didn't have, not sure why it never buys ore, but whatever, it has a ton of hull components to build Raptors.

So I decided to buy a few Raptors, just to see how many of them could ZYA build right now and how stupid they are for never doing it.
And it was 0. Despite looking (at first glance) well supplied, comparing to their normal shipyard/wharf, it couldn't build a single Raptor. This is when I noticed the actual numbers being quite small:

>>>>ZYA Battle Forge doesn't have enough storage room to build a Raptor.<<<<

Kind of. Station manager just sets price too low, cause storage is decently filled (percent wise) so traders never go there.

Here is the save, where you cant buy even a single cheapest Raptor: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CcRVSP ... sp=sharing
As far as I understand AI will always fill all slots on the ship it's buying. Not sure about consumables. I hope it doesn't fill all consumables, cause it will make the storage situation magnitude worse.
Here is some calculations between the most expensive raptor and the cheapest (with all slots filled), comparing them to max storage:


THIS IS WITHOUT ANY CONSUMABLES! Some consumables are cheap, some are way to expensive, hard to take everything into balance.
Turret components are the worst (which is understandable). Even fully stocked ZYA Battleforge (assuming there is build orders in the first place) can build only 1 cheapest Raptor and then needs to restock. And with station managers lowering buying price it will have a really hard time to do so.

But what shocked me in the end is that their normal shipyard... Can build a fully stocked and most expensive Raptor without any problems! As long as you don't put inside hundreds of advanced_satellites or deployable_laser_towers. Yet ZYA just sitting there without any combat ships, losing sector after sector.

P.S. Nice work on the game stability btw. 5 days in SETA on the background without any restart and game still works great.
Just our favourite bastard Dal knocks me out of SETA from time to time. :lol:
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Re: [7.0 Beta8] ZYA is helpless because..!

Post by stillsuit » Tue, 11. Jun 24, 14:08

ZYA special shipyard (Battle Forge), designed specifically to pump out Raptors have storage problems, making even the normal shipyard most likely to be able to produce a Raptor.

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