Rescued crew

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Rescued crew

Post by gbjbaanb » Mon, 10. Jun 24, 16:56

I like this addition buy I have 2 issues with it that I think are overlooked, both relate to what to do with the crew after rescue.

Firstly they appear as "unassigned" in the rescue ship, this is good, keeps them separate from the other crew. However, transferring them to another ship keeps them as unassigned. I can't work out how to change their role back to service crew or marine except by clicking each other and reassigning them.

The other issue is that I can't easily see which ones are which - ie service crew or marines. If I have a ship with many crew, say 100, then getting them back into service becomes a big QoL problem.

Can we have them remember their old roles, so when transferred they automatically revert? Or have a button to make them remember their role in the ship they are currently in ("vacation over, now back to work" button :) )

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