[7B8] Ocean of Fantasy Terraforming - Oddities

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[7B8] Ocean of Fantasy Terraforming - Oddities

Post by alt3rn1ty » Sun, 9. Jun 24, 11:34

Not sure if this is a bug or all of it is WAI ..

Issue : A couple of oddities after completing Terraforming of Samsara in Ocean of Fantasy.

Screenshot : https://i.imgur.com/ejc4GNE.png

Save game : https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/k7drg178 ... o000t&dl=0

On the screenshot you can see :

1. Salinity is "Brackish" - And there has never been any offer of further increasing the salinity (The Start button was removed after the first run of the project).
2. Major Volcano Extinction - Never had any offer (no Start button) to do anything about this.
3. Outer Crust Solidifies - Never had any offer (no Start button) to do anything about this.

The very first Project I ran to completion was the "Tectonic Scaffolding", to stop the earthquakes.
Then I commenced with Importing water, and other projects as they opened up with conditions met.

And usually after the whole Terraforming Objectives are at the "Mission Complete" stage, any Events are removed.

So questions :
Are we supposed to be able to increase Salinity a bit further?
Are the Major Volcano Extinction and Outer crust solidifies a permanent condition we can not do anything about?
Is the "Events" column supposed to remain after all Missions completed?, there does not seem to be anything further we can do about them. And in two other Terraforming I have completed the Events column usually vanishes after all missions complete.

The save provided above is at the stage in the screenshot where Objectives are all complete.
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