Carrier and subordinates behavior

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Carrier and subordinates behavior

Post by abc0000 » Sun, 9. Jun 24, 11:04

Question: is it possible to make the settings more flexible?

The behavior of the Aircraft Carrier in battle, at the moment it is trying to fly away from the battle and attack only with subordinate ships. Is it possible to make 2 modes for an aircraft carrier, leave the first as it is at the moment, the second give the aircraft carrier the opportunity to attack large ships along with subordinate ships, in the case of a group with destroyers, this is quite logical, since the aircraft carrier has greater strength and can withstand the fire of an enemy destroyer , and if you give the aircraft carrier missiles, then the 1x1 aircraft carrier itself will be able to destroy the destroyer.

For an interception command, the interception radius needs to be adjusted; for example, there may be several groups of fighters divided by speed (Boron fighters with a speed of 340ms and 167ms). I would like to be able to give the slow fighters the opportunity to limit the interception radius to 10 km, while giving the faster fighters a command to intercept, let’s say 25 km.
Here's another example, we have the aircraft carrier Guppy, which has good air defense, but cannot defeat K, while it has a group of barracudas with torpedoes.
With the current settings, as soon as K enters the attack radius (40 km), the barracuda will fly to attack him, and if K has fighter cover, the barracuda will die. If you limit the attack radius for barracudas to 7 km, then Guppy will be able to cover barracudas with torpedoes with its air defense. and this is one of the situations where this option would be useful

A setting is very necessary that will limit the number of fighters launched to intercept, since it looks quite stupid and inconvenient when an aircraft carrier raises its ENTIRE air group to intercept 1 fighter, especially if the fighter is simply flying nearby, this is even more critical for a raptor, which has a long takeoff, and landing with a large number of fighters

Question: Is it possible to divide the interception command into priorities?
-Priority on M ships
-Priority on S ships
-Only M ships.
-Only S ships.

Question: Is it possible to add guns on capital ships as targets to the interception team, provided there are no enemy fighters; this can also be done as a separate mode?
Or it may be necessary to rework the settings, in the form of a separate menu, where the player himself will be able, using selectors, to set his own priorities for groups in the form of presets (like visiting sectors)

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