[7.0 Beta 533724] NPC New station far-far away

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[7.0 Beta 533724] NPC New station far-far away

Post by Belie » Sat, 8. Jun 24, 15:39

Somehow the Queen wants a new station far-far away in Reflected Stars, and somehow one of my trading ship controlled by station manager knows about it magically, without any help from satellites (and I am still too poor for trade subscription).

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K_dtA5 ... sp=sharing

I manually cancelled it's trade order and directed the ship to sell somewhere else once I realised something was wrong (as in I realised a ship was flying way outside normal distance). But the ship (or maybe another one?) later go to the once empty space and made the delivery anyway a while later.

Now my sector map is stuck like this and apparently the far-far away station is to stay. This should not be normal no?

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