Three new bugs in beta 8

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Three new bugs in beta 8

Post by Astalid » Sat, 8. Jun 24, 11:54

Hello i've found three new and very annoying bugs in new beta.

1. When i sending my frigate ship to discover new sector, It going to center and then start spinning (i'm on board, but pilot is NPC. If i'm taking pilot place and flay somewhere and then ask my NPC pilot to continue discovering - ship are going to the center of discovering order and start spinning again. i've checked few sectors and always was the same situation

2. when map is opened and someone "calling" you there is very big chance that when u answered call and callmate is going away there will be blinking border with "press f to answer" untill you make save and load

3. When u complete quest with opened map there is big chance that quest objective going to stay active in events window (left bottom of screen)

and fourth bug it is from beta 1 and still exist

if u hire Split (cause they have unic models that are left for them when u turn split dlc back on) without any dlc (you able to do it on Alliance stations) and then set this NPC as a pilot to frigate (i'm using paranid's one but it also affected cobra aswell ) and theen ask this NPC to free chair cause you want to fly on yourown - NPC will stand up but will not go away from cabin. AND if youur ship was in cruse mode - it will be in cruise mode and u wil not ablle to turn it off with any way (backspace, mouse wheel, autopilot start end) and only way to stop ship - is free chair for npc, and then sit back in moment.

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Re: Three new bugs in beta 8

Post by CBJ » Sat, 8. Jun 24, 15:28

Please read the forum rules. One issue per thread, and each one needs to be posted with the requested information that would actually enable us to trace and track the issue in that thread.


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