[6.20 beta 8] Rattlesnake trying to destroy station with staring strike.

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[6.20 beta 8] Rattlesnake trying to destroy station with staring strike.

Post by PV_ » Thu, 17. Aug 23, 00:51

6.20 beta 8, no mods.

ANCIENT BUG. Rattlesnake took position too far from a shipyard and cant make a hit. I assume the ship uses the same attack algorithm as any other destroyer with high range main battery. But since its own battery of smaller range that bug appears.
The issue exists both IS and OOS. The ship tries to maneuvering left and right (looking for better spot?). It very rare fires short burst IS but most of the time it fails to aim. OOS is even worse. Looks like there is lack of ~100m range. Abusing IS/OOS teleporting its possible to take him closer. But eventually it comes back to point of "nothing happens" as soon as get retaliate fire from station.
Back in a day it was common issue even against enemy capital ships when Rattlesnake set to attack gets afk in the range of ~Behemoth main battery. Idk, if its still the issue.

System: Heart of Acrimony II.
Save file.

There are few more issues you may investigate via same save file. I'll link them in a reply below.

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