Patchnotes Question: Police Response EMP attack

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Patchnotes Question: Police Response EMP attack

Post by Soulprayer » Tue, 8. Aug 23, 11:19


I've seen following "improvement" in the patchnotes:
Improved police response to EMP attacks on stations.
what kind of "improvement" does this involve?
is it now harder to get BPs?
or will police turn a blind eye more often?

Thank you.

Alan Phipps
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Re: Patchnotes Question: Police Response EMP attack

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 8. Aug 23, 13:53

It sounds like something to test yourself in the beta, see if the level of response is more like you would want it to be, and then report back here.

(Without any doubt, some players will want police intervention on EMPs tightened up, and others will want it relaxed. :D )
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Re: Patchnotes Question: Police Response EMP attack

Post by Scoob » Tue, 8. Aug 23, 14:38

I'd assume it was toned down a bit, because the last time I detonated an EMP - trying to steal blueprints - station went hostile, nearby patrols went hostile, I got shot. Fair enough really, I was a criminal! I WISH my own stations reacted so violently to CRIMINALS trying to steal stuff from me. Hell, my stations won't even shoot at a MARKED HOSTILE Pirate, if they're disguised as a faction I'm friendly with (reported). Station turrets - even though set to "Attack ALL enemies" act as if they're on "Defend" and will ONLY shoot when shot at by such Pirates.

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