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Creative Custom Game Start suggestion

Posted: Sun, 1. Aug 21, 23:17
by Falcrack
As far as the budgeted custom game start, I know that the devs have to try and preserve stuff to make it more fair for the upcoming ventures. This thread is for suggestions for the Creative Game Start, where since the game is going to be marked "modified" anyways, I feel it can afford to loosen up the restrictions and allow us a bit more freedom. So here are some suggestions, and feel free to add any other suggestions you can think of:

1. Please allow us to change the starting relations between faction. For example, I could select Argon, and then choose a game start where they are in a war to the death with the Teladi. Yes it might mess with some plots, but some people don't care about plots and just want to change things up. Maybe give a warning upfront that certain changes to the game start may make certain plots unattainable.

2. Allow us to place not only starting positions for player ships, but also starting positions for NPC ships as well, so we can set up custom battles at the game start.