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[4.0 Hotfix 3 SV+CoH] SETA next to Spear of Odin causes your ship to be stuck in turbulance.

Posted: Tue, 4. May 21, 23:40
by spankahontis
This is the second time this has happened, basically, I fly close to the Spear of Odin, activate SETA.. After 10-20 minutes? The Asgard vanishes and you are stuck in this shaky turbulence.
There is an icon of the Asgard in the centre of your target aim, when you click on it it says "nan m -2147483648 m/s", I'm stuck jiggling in every direction and can't accelerate.

Only way out is to teleport to another ship, If you have teleportation research, or reload a previous save as this seems to carry on if you save it.

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