3.0 Beta Latest - Entire Sectors showing as blank in map

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3.0 Beta Latest - Entire Sectors showing as blank in map

Post by Culling » Sun, 12. Jan 20, 01:49

Hello Egosoft and my fellow players,

I have recently encountered what seems to be a show stopper of a bug. Would love to think I am missing something, but this is rather heart breaking for my save.

I am well on my way to building a self sustaining mega factory in Trinity Sanctum III. The station is still operating and from the Property Owned map screen I can still see it working away. I currently have a 27 rep with the Parinid and have all Licenses.

The issue I am having is the entire sector shows absolutely noting in the map view. :evil: I can't see my station or any of the Parinid critical stations in the sector (Warf, Shipyard, faction rep) as well as anything else inducing my own ships.

I have rebooted checked on every map function there is, all the other sectors are showing up just fine (2 are bugged), but it won't show anything. How can I fix this or get some ideas?

Please help me as this is going to make me rage quit if I can't even use the map right.

Thanks so much for your help.

Update #1 - All of my ships seem to be sitting about a million K off the map. Dosent seem to matter what one I teleport to, they are all sitting south east of Unholy Retribution and Hewa's Twin II. They are all still working and making money, but they are showing and sitting off the map?? This is just so freaking strange. I am going to leave my ship in auto pilot back but who knows how long a million k will take, my rough guess is 217 days at full 3k+ super cruse.

Update #2 - It seems like everything in the sector has been moved off map to the same position as my previous post. Except there are no NPC based anything out there just my entire sectors fleet. Somehow they are still operating, but the Parinid sector is still blank. Did some magic super weapon just decide my station was not allowed and teleport it all to another universe through a worm hole? Below are some pics trying to explain and a save file.
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Re: 3.0 Beta Latest - Entire Sectors showing as blank in map

Post by mp63 » Mon, 13. Jan 20, 13:51

million k? Ouch!

I experienced something similar in Nopileos Fortune II - somehow one of my resource probes got kicked 35.000k into nowhere (you find more reports to this bug / seems to happen after collision around jump gates/accelerators)
- and the sector map resized with it. Basically looked "empty" like yours until full zoom would show a few green dots where my station and ships were located.... and the resource probe on the other end of that sector.
Sent a ship out there, disabled the probe and picked it up. After ship returned (2 days later real time :rant: ) the sector resized to normal.
Station, ships etc were operating normal all the time - only my map visibility was distorted.

At 35.000k waiting would do the trick - at a million k ....hhmmm. Maybe self destruct is quicker. Just a thought if it is just a small fleet :lol:

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Re: 3.0 Beta Latest - Entire Sectors showing as blank in map

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 13. Jan 20, 14:08

Yes I think this may be related to the issues mentioned in this thread.
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