[3.0 beta] Unable to hire builder - Fix in a future build.

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[3.0 beta] Unable to hire builder - Fix in a future build.

Post by aressler38 » Sun, 22. Dec 19, 03:54

I started a new game in the 3.0 beta release. I haven't played for a long time, and I am happy to report that the game hasn't crashed at all! It used to crash on me frequently.

I am doing the mission where you build the docking station on your Headquarters (Unknown Station), but every time I find an available construction ship, I see strange text, and I cannot hire the construction ship. In the Hire for building sub menu, I see =ReadText1026-2966=. I am on version 3.00 Beta (378025). What could be wrong?

I have uploaded a screenshot here: https://pasteboard.co/IMmnSHi.png and here in case that one doesn't work: https://imgur.com/a/BowknXo


I think the problem is that I didn't have enough credits to hire the builder. I am guessing that this =ReadText1026-2966= message is an i18n string that is missing or something. Once I sold some stuff and found the builder again, I was able to assign him to work. Seems fine now. I guess the text string was just missing??? Yes, I am poor in this game. :D I still think this should be converted to a bug and fixed.

Additional information:

Version and language (e.g. 1.0 English, etc.).
I am on version 3.00 Beta (378025) English.

Whether or not your game is modified using any third party scripts or mods (see note below).
No modifications

Game start being played.
The Paranid start.

Exact nature of the problem, where and when it occurs and what you were doing at the time.
See above. I got the quest to find the Unknown Structure. I was trying to build the docking bay, but I couldn't hire a construction ship. I got that strange "=ReadText1026-2966=" message.

Any possibly relevant changes you have made to your game, system, or software before the issue occurred.

Where appropriate, additional symptoms, error messages, links to screenshots and crash dump files (see this FAQ entry).
None. Game is running so much better now adays.

Your system specifications in the form of a DxDiag report and vulkaninfo (see this FAQ entry).
Windows 10; i7 4790k; GTX 970 Gaming; 32GB RAM. I try to keep drivers up to date.

I can upload the actual dxdialog txt and vulkaninfo txt if you really need it. This seems like a missing i18n string issue.

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Re: [3.0 beta] Unable to hire builder

Post by florianlt » Tue, 7. Jan 20, 10:02

Fixed in an upcoming build.

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