Reputation loss, unauthorized kill without reason

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Reputation loss, unauthorized kill without reason

Post by Waltz9 » Sat, 21. Dec 19, 15:37


I installed beta 4 HF2 and came accros a bug that can't seem to find out why it happens. I will tell step by step what I did to come this.

Right now I have only one Started ship (Elite vanguard) docked on my cerberus vanguard which I'm piloting.
For now I also have one nividum miner without any guns on it mining Nividium thats all I have for now.

I went to Hatikvah Choise I to help the argons with the huge xenon invasion. Killed a lot of Xenon P ships but had to retreat because of hull damage.
While killing the P I hit a nearby station wich gave me the message they don't tollerate my behavior but nothing changed on my reputation.

When I fixed my ship in Argon Prime I saved my game but for some reason when I even get near an enemy I get -13 reputation los with the argon for unauthorized kill.

I reloaded my game and tried again but it keeps happening so I decided to do something else.
this time I just decided to stay in argon prime and do a quest.
But as soon I'm in my quest again reputation loss for a kill I never made.

I reloaded my game and stayed still in space watchin my nividium miner to see if he did something but nothing happend.
He just cleared his storage in Hatikvah Choice I trading center and leaves again. so I decided to continue my game and then as soon I start with anything again reputation loss.

this must be a bug so I hoping by giving my save game in the link below you could do the research why this bug is happening.
when you load my game just take the end of the highway in Hatikvah Choice I where the xenon is active and the magic will happen.


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Re: Reputation loss, unauthorized kill without reason

Post by TheP3te » Sat, 21. Dec 19, 23:01

I had the same issue in almost the same exact circumstances except I was losing rep with Hatikvah Free League instead of the Argon. I can't be sure, but I think it was because the Xenon were destroying a HAT station while I was OOS that I had previously accidentally shot at. Almost as if instead of the Xenon getting blamed, I was. I ended up loading a save and flying into Hatikvah's Choice I and sitting with SETA on in sector while they destroyed the station (didn't have the resources to destroy the Xenon I that was there at the time) and as long as I was in sector I didn't get the rep drop. Sadly I didn't keep the save. Apologies. But I thought that the possible difference between OOS and IS might contribute something useful to the discussion.

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Re: Reputation loss, unauthorized kill without reason

Post by Whopper Bacon » Mon, 23. Dec 19, 18:41

Something strange seems to happen im my game at ingame time 825-02-02 20:00.
When I join the Rank 10 Ceremony in Argon Prime before this time my paranid reputation drops from Rank 10 to -14.
If i join after this time everything seems fine.

In Save 1 I haven't joined: ... u41BHfMY2h

In Save 2 I joined about 2 minutes before: ... QllkK0yJj4

In Save 3 I joined after 825-02-02 20:00 (my most recent savegame): ... wG30EaY0hf

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Re: Reputation loss, unauthorized kill without reason

Post by Waltz9 » Wed, 25. Dec 19, 15:45

I noticed when I do a mission like collect a family heirdom
I go to my target and start shooting the ship I get messages which are saying I'm attacking a station and again if I stay in that sector to long then it also results in reputation loss even minutes after the attack and miles away from the target.

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