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X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 3.20 Beta 1 HF 1 (397017) - Last updated: 2020-05-06

Posted: Thu, 6. Dec 18, 18:49
by CBJ
Before downloading this public Beta version, please make sure you read, understand and agree to the Public Beta Rules and Information. By downloading and installing the public Beta, you agree to abide by these rules and accept the disclaimers it contains.


  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • To start using the Beta version, right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the password IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select public_beta from the dropdown list.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, select NONE from the same dropdown list.

GOG Galaxy
  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • Select X4: Foundations in your GOG Galaxy game collection.
  • Click on "More > Settings"
  • On the right hand side of the page, click on "Beta Channels: OFF" and select "ON"
  • Click on the "Channel" option and select "Add Private Channels"
  • Enter the password for the "Public Beta" channel: IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select the "Public Beta" channel.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, click on the "Channel" dropdown and select "default"
Remember that savegames made using the Beta version may not work in vanilla version. We try to maintain savegame compatibility, but we cannot guarantee it.

Note: Please avoid re-posting the above information outside this forum. If you wish to tell other people about this Beta program, please post a link to this forum so that people joining the Beta are aware of the risks and the rules.

Note: Problems encountered while using a modified game will be considered invalid. Please make sure your game is a clean, unmodified game before you start. Do not use the -prefersinglefiles command line option when testing.


Release Notes

Note: This beta version is available for Windows (Steam and GOG Galaxy) and Linux (Steam only).

Version 3.20 Beta 1 HF1 (397017) - 2020-05-06
  • New Feature: Trade Rules enable improved control over station trade offers, station supply offers and sale of ships.
  • Added links to "What is X4: Foundations?" video series to External Resources menu.
  • Added option to import and export individual construction plans to share with community.
  • Added information about original gamestart to Load and Save menus.
  • Added missile storage capacity information to missile turrets in Encyclopedia.
  • Added Mark All as Read option to Encyclopedia.
  • Added icons to order options in Interact Menu.
  • Added behaviour icons to Map legend.
  • Added faction abbreviations to Factions and Relations menu.
  • Added Start Guidance option to Interact menu of data vaults.
  • Added Fly To option to Interact menu of deployables and drops.
  • Added details about mission duration and involved ships to Venture Results menu.
  • Added match speed indicator to crosshair (default hotkey Shift+X).
  • Added error message when attempting to trade with stations that do not have docking facilities for current ship.
  • Removed irrelevant information for unmanned vessels from Object Info menus.
  • Removed duplicate inventory and station account management from Empire Overview.
  • Removed ships and stations lists from Empire Overview.
  • Removed ability to install unsuitable equipment mods for certain types of shields, weapons, turrets and ships.
  • Improved names of Xenon weapons.
  • Improved target selection for pirates.
  • Improved chance of AI pilots opening lockboxes when player not nearby.
  • Improved trade assignment speed if many subordinates try to trade same ware for their commander.
  • Improved guidance during Paranid plot maze section.
  • Improved visibility of target speed indicator in speed-bar against bright background elements.
  • Improved presentation of player-owned ships on ventures in Property Owned menu.
  • Improved balancing of Patrol Missions by increasing enemy presence.
  • Improved map performance in certain situations.
  • Fixed Split wharves missing Pier.
  • Fixed Fallen Families faction not building new ships.
  • Fixed stations not posting public buy offers for supply resources.
  • Fixed NPC stations disabling some of their production modules indefinitely under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed crews of mining ships not gaining experience when player not nearby during mining operations.
  • Fixed ships refusing explicitly given orders to trade with a station that is blacklisted.
  • Fixed Recall Subordinates command not disarming drones.
  • Fixed pirate ships not attacking NPC-owned ships that refuse to drop their cargo or comply with inspection protocols.
  • Fixed ships assigned to Trade for Build Storage using station manager account instead of construction account.
  • Fixed construction plan Shuffle option using connection modules that are not available.
  • Fixed accidental friendly fire from turrets on player ship being treated as intentional.
  • Fixed distress drones being launched prematurely.
  • Fixed ships not doing damage when player not nearby if they were originally built with neither weapons nor turrets.
  • Fixed player-owned capital ships not doing damage to non-hostile targets designated explicitly by player.
  • Fixed ships sometimes repeatedly getting supplies at fleet auxiliary ships.
  • Fixed NPC-owned ships paying for ammunition, deployables and drones that they already have when resupplying at player-owned equipment docks.
  • Fixed some cases of ships not flying correctly around capital ships, specially when docking.
  • Fixed ships not able to catch and dock on moving Raptor.
  • Fixed station-based traders buying resources that their station isn't currently buying.
  • Fixed stations sometimes creating trade offers with zero amounts for wares that are required for production.
  • Fixed free-flying police and recon ships sometimes getting stuck while scanning something.
  • Fixed comm response by police when non-player ships are scanned and no illegal wares are found.
  • Fixed relative movement stopping when getting up from pilot seat.
  • Fixed speed matching not turning off when changing target.
  • Fixed distance calculations for teleportation range limits.
  • Fixed exploit allowing unlimited small ships to be stored.
  • Fixed exploit allowing crew members to be cloned in certain situations.
  • Fixed incorrect unpaid plot licences under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed losing faction reputation from illegal station plots although licence was paid.
  • Fixed not being able to autopilot to targets that are under construction.
  • Fixed not being able to request docking at build storage when piloting capital ship.
  • Fixed rare case of weapons firing under player control when player is no longer controlling ship.
  • Fixed several hints getting stuck during Flight School tutorial.
  • Fixed some missions not correctly displaying opposing faction in briefing.
  • Fixed missing Court faction representative.
  • Fixed Paranid plot mission A Small Errand getting stuck on objective Await: Further Instructions under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed conversation option to pay credits in Paranid plot missions Unfolded Potential and An Ethical Challenge only appearing once.
  • Fixed getaway ship not being recalled from internal storage if it was stored away during Split storyline at Hall of Judgement.
  • Fixed missing prisoners at Hall of Judgement in Split story.
  • Fixed plot not proceeding during cutscene to sabotage Scale Plate trade run.
  • Fixed ships encountered in war subscription missions sometimes being invisible.
  • Fixed Hatikvah story not always being re-offered when initial station was destroyed.
  • Fixed Split story getting stuck in Suspicious Split Mission if Passenger Ship was lost.
  • Fixed mission conversation option for passenger to return to Passenger Ship in Suspicious Split Mission.
  • Fixed End of Oppression/End of Terrorism missions getting stuck at payment stage if ship NPC contact was on was destroyed.
  • Fixed HQ Research Module not being named correctly in certain gamestarts.
  • Fixed HQ Research Module being removed when loading construction plan.
  • Fixed fleets not being sorted by fleet name in Object List and Property Owned menus.
  • Fixed trade wares missing in Logical Station Overview if not currently stored.
  • Fixed turret groups not being highlighted on ship in Ship Configuration menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed inconsistent selection and highlight of shield and turret groups in Ship Modification menu.
  • Fixed equipment mod category availability if no equipment is installed.
  • Fixed rounding issues for equipment mod effects.
  • Fixed station hull percentage not being shown in Info menu unless scan level was at least 80%.
  • Fixed ship docks being listed as station dock modules in Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed missing "+" on buttons in Ship Configuration and Player Information menus.
  • Fixed Trade menu not being visible in certain situations.
  • Fixed sector map sometimes being broken by deployables ending up in invalid positions.
  • Fixed Arm/Disarm Turrets option in Interact menu being inconsistent when multiple ships are selected.
  • Fixed some map controls not working after quick-loading with map open.
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed Logical Station Overview not working for stations under construction (problem introduced in 3.20).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed option to pay credits in Paranid plot missions continuing to appear after missions end (problem introduced in 3.20).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed deployables sometimes ending up at invalid positions, breaking sector map (problem only partially fixed in 3.20).
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed broken Chinese localisation (problem introduced in 3.20).
  • Fixed returning venture ships causing performance issues until sent away again.
  • Fixed excessive sound volume in logo video.
  • Fixed issue where sounds could be missing or delayed.
  • [Beta 1 HF1] Fixed further startup issues on Linux.
  • Fixed game generating two crash dumps per crash instead of one.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.
Note: If a problem is not listed as fixed above then it is probably not being addressed in this patch, but may be planned for a future one.

Note: When switching back from the Beta to the Release version, you may encounter problems with the controls. To resolve this, go to the in-game Start Menu and select Settings, Controls, Load Profile, then select the default profile from the list. Alternatively, if you make a copy of your inputmap.xml file before starting the Beta, you can simply copy this file back into your \Documents\Egosoft\X4 folder. Deleting the file will not solve the problem as it will be restored from the Steam Cloud.


Steam does not currently support automatic crashdump upload for 64-bit applications. We are therefore using a third party tool to provide this facility. If there is a crash then a standard crashdump will be created and uploaded to the third party site, from where we can perform analysis to determine the cause. As with Steam crashdumps no personal information is included in these crashdumps.