X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 7.10 Beta 2 (536239) - Last updated: 2024-07-10

This forum provides information on obtaining access to Public Beta versions of X4: Foundations allowing people running those versions to provide feedback on their experiences.

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X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 7.10 Beta 2 (536239) - Last updated: 2024-07-10

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Before downloading this public Beta version, please make sure you read, understand and agree to the Public Beta Rules and Information. By downloading and installing the public Beta, you agree to abide by these rules and accept the disclaimers it contains.


  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • To start using the Beta version, right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the password IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select public_beta from the dropdown list.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, select NONE from the same dropdown list.
GOG Galaxy
  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • Select X4: Foundations in your GOG Galaxy game collection.
  • Click on "More > Settings"
  • On the right hand side of the page, click on "Beta Channels: OFF" and select "ON"
  • Click on the "Channel" option and select "Add Private Channels"
  • Enter the password for the "Public Beta" channel: IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select the "Public Beta" channel.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, click on the "Channel" dropdown and select "default"
Remember that savegames made using the Beta version may not work in vanilla version. We try to maintain savegame compatibility, but we cannot guarantee it.

Note: Please avoid re-posting the above information outside this forum. If you wish to tell other people about this Beta program, please post a link to this forum so that people joining the Beta are aware of the risks and the rules.

Note: Problems encountered while using a modified game will be considered invalid. Please make sure your game is a clean, unmodified game before you start. Do not use the -prefersinglefiles command line option when testing.


Release Notes

Note: This beta version is available for Windows (Steam and GOG Galaxy) and Linux (Steam only). It is NOT available for players using GeForce NOW.

Note: Ventures are disabled in this version. However:
  • Basic online functionality is enabled, i.e. you can log in to, and out of, your Egosoft account from within the game.
  • You will be able to access any paint mods that are in your online inventory, with the same limitations and conditions as before.
  • You will be able to access any venture reward ships that you are entitled to, including those obtained as part of a Collectors Edition package.
  • You will NOT be able to send ships on ventures, and you will not see any menus related to this.
  • You will NOT receive any "visitor" ships from other players.
Version: 7.10 Beta 2 (536239) - Last updated: 2024-07-10
  • Added Factions and Relations tutorial.
  • Added travel drive to Dart engines in Open Universe.
  • Added dedicated weapon groups to Pre-Battle Skirmish Timelines scenario.
  • Added Docking Computer to A Merchant Mind and Teladi Trading Try-Outs Timelines scenarios.
  • Added ammo clip visualisation for missile launchers to HUD.
  • Added Skip Dialog Line option to Controls menu.
  • Added mouse-over texts when navigating menus with keyboard input.
  • Added input feedback when Travel Mode not available.
  • Added Start Timelines button to Timelines menu
  • Added Mk5 shield generator to Xperimental Shuttle.
  • [Beta 2] Added dialog to Timelines mission selection menu when player returns from scenario.
  • [Beta 2] Added Antigone XL Housing as available blueprint rewarded via rank and available in Station Design Simulator.
  • [Beta 2] Added Terran production method to Frontier equipment.
  • [Beta 2] Added several new exploration voice lines to Timelines Facility.
  • [Beta 2] Added credit sequence after final story resolution to more clearly denote when Timelines story has finished.
  • [Beta 2] Added further hint to end of Timelines story.
  • [Beta 2] Added new anti-fighter missile for Sapporo.
  • [Beta 2] Added new ring explosion effect to XL explosions.
  • [Beta 2] Added French localisation for keyboard icons.
  • Removed signal leak missions in Timelines trading scenarios.
  • Removed Trade and Go to Ship options in Dock Interactions menu in Timelines Nexus.
  • Removed Lock Range and Lock Time information from Encyclopedia missile entries where not relevant.
  • Removed storage allocation warning in Logical Station Overview for trade wares.
  • Improved Timelines intro cutscene for more immersive experience.
  • Improved Timelines scenario result screen layout.
  • Improved rating visualisation for Timelines scenarios.
  • Improved clarity of Timelines mission descriptions.
  • Improved sequence of early Timelines scenarios for better first time player experience.
  • Improved transition between Timelines scenarios by not closing scenario selection menu when returning from scenario unless required by story.
  • Improved placement of The Recruitment Mission Timelines scenario in Mission Interface to be more immediately noticeable.
  • Improved The Recruitment Mission Timelines scenario cutscene to show prison guard being affected by Impedence Bubble.
  • Improved flow and difficulty level of Impeded Extraction Timelines scenario.
  • Improved finale of Battle of Omicron Lyrae Timelines scenario with special music.
  • Improved balancing and weapon loadout of Sapporo.
  • Improved combat movement of capital ships armed only with turrets and fighting very large, slow targets.
  • Improved combat behavior of fighters when set to attack surface elements when player not present.
  • Improved combat behavior of fighters armed with guided missiles or torpedos.
  • Improved lasertower behavior against capital ships.
  • Improved speed of ships docking on carriers.
  • Improved mining behavior when player present.
  • Improved Crew Transfer menu if one or both ships do not have captain.
  • Improved notification text when travel mode is disrupted by external factors.
  • Improved unnecessarily cut-off texts in Modifications menu under certain circumstances.
  • Improved readability of text while moving or rotating in station editor.
  • Improved visibility of subtitles by making background more opaque.
  • Improved UI scale range to allow maximum of 1.8.
  • Improved Terran Meson Stream weapon by adding small gimbal.
  • Improved engine glow on some missiles.
  • Improved performance of explosion effects.
  • Improved low quality shadow option.
  • [Beta 2] Improved timing of Mitsuno Hack video calls to be less obstructive of important Target Monitor information.
  • [Beta 2] Improved Xenon loadouts in Brennan's Trial Timelines scenario to use fewer laser towers.
  • [Beta 2] Improved composition of allied fleet and pilots in Brennan's Trial Trial Timelines scenario.
  • [Beta 2] Improved loadout consistency in Mine Your Own Business and Lord Prospector's Foray Timelines scenarios.
  • [Beta 2] Improved Rise and Mine Timelines scenario by disabling tutorial dialog after player has achieved rating of 1 star.
  • [Beta 2] Improved Xenon Shipyard plan to not include overlapping docking module (new stations only).
  • [Beta 2] Improved hit precision of ships attacking piers.
  • [Beta 2] Improved ships assigned to protect stations getting repairs in between fights.
  • [Beta 2] Improved visibility of ship holograph dock guidance.
  • [Beta 2] Improved available UI scale range to ensure readability at lower resolutions.
  • [Beta 2] Improved UI scaling to include HUD monitor texts.
  • [Beta 2] Improved alignment of icons embedded in text.
  • [Beta 2] Improved impact effect of Xenon Seismic Charge Turret.
  • [Beta 2] Improved trail resolution of Sapporo missiles.
  • [Beta 2] Improved window facade of the Casino welfare module.
  • [Beta 2] Improved collisions on Xenon Dock.
  • Fixed Frontier equipment not being available in Creative Custom Gamestart.
  • Fixed Escort Position being too far away from HQ if superhighway entry is present in Timelines Epilogue story.
  • Fixed reward notifications disappearing too quickly after playing certain Timelines missions.
  • Fixed reputation recovery mechanism in Timelines trading scenarios to allow docking if player accidentally falls below threshold.
  • Fixed Zeus drifting in second Timelines racing scenario.
  • Fixed player ship crashing into obstacles in Timelines racing scenario outro cutscene.
  • Fixed player being able to fly before race starts in Timelines racing scenario.
  • Fixed non-localised text in Timelines racing scenarios.
  • Fixed announcer in 17th Getsu Fune Asteroid Smasher Showdown Timelines scenario being unable to count to 50.
  • Fixed being unable to complete President's End Timelines scenario if Jump Gate selection menu closed by player.
  • Fixed score in Mine Your Own Business Timelines scenario not taking into account player's surviving ships.
  • Fixed unreasonably high leader board scores in Teladi Trading Try-Outs Timelines scenario.
  • Fixed enemy ships shooting at player when docked to trade in Frontline Dealings Timelines scenario.
  • Fixed Kaori sometimes giving inappropriate reply in The Recruitment Mission Timelines scenario.
  • Fixed credits not being subtracted from player account when buying Dart in Open Universe.
  • Fixed clone of Axiom appearing under Personnel Management in prison gamestart.
  • Fixed extreme reputation change during missions such as VIG storyline resulting in promotion ceremony needing to be performed again.
  • Fixed war and storyline missions to use new Behemoth and Phoenix ships.
  • Fixed Boron storyline blocked during BoFu delivery.
  • Fixed player being able to complete Trading Lessons mission in Avarice story by selling to themselves.
  • Fixed player wrongly receiving email to search for Boso Ta signal leak with Kingdom End active.
  • Fixed Scan Ship missions sometimes asking player to scan lasertower.
  • Fixed Find Resources missions offered by guilds not showing search radius.
  • Fixed large supply missions being offered with factions that have no trade offers.
  • Fixed being able to sell ships to Quettanauts faction.
  • Fixed strange guidance movement for crates dropped during find object missions.
  • Fixed capital ships in fleets with fleet auxiliary ships going in for repairs while in combat.
  • Fixed ships spiraling indefinitely when docking at resupply ships.
  • Fixed ships indefinitely running into station modules.
  • Fixed ships having travel mode enabled after undocking.
  • Fixed ships sometimes automatically docking again immediately after undocking under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed capital ships sometimes not firing at Attack order target.
  • Fixed shields and turrets on station modules not being shielded initially.
  • Fixed cargo drops sometimes spawning inside stations.
  • Fixed promoted subordinates which had Mimic assignment not inheriting old commander's default behavior on commander death.
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes taking exceptionally long time to appear on Boron dock areas.
  • Fixed Antigone station modules not being available in Station Design Simulator.
  • Fixed build modules in Logical Station Overview being in random order.
  • Fixed different order of turret groups in Ship Configuration menus under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed repair option in Ship Upgrade menu not being available under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed attached boarding pods still being listed in property list.
  • Fixed HUD satellite icons not indicating active status.
  • Fixed invisible UI when game is paused before loading finishes.
  • Fixed missing guidance UI when enabling guidance towards superhighway entry gate or unknown jump gate.
  • Fixed positioning of docking UI in external view.
  • Fixed target problems when using External Target View on far away objects.
  • Fixed signal leak indicator position with non-default FOV.
  • Fixed inconsistent message ticker position while docked.
  • Fixed ticker messages sometimes disappearing too quickly.
  • Fixed stuck radial menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Interact menu revealing undiscovered information about NPCs.
  • Fixed message about no captain being assigned to nil in Crew Transfer menu.
  • Fixed left-over crew member entries in Crew Information menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed missing buttons in Crew Transfer menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed incorrect Stop Travel Drive option in Ship Interactions menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed mining equipment warning not working when buying capital mining ships.
  • Fixed missing menu title in Input Profile menus.
  • Fixed issues with sliders in trade context menu.
  • Fixed top level menu playing UI sounds.
  • Fixed menu artefacts when starting Timelines scenario under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed cases of wrong save being loaded on quickload or when finishing tutorial.
  • Fixed unnecessary warning of restart being needed when restoring settings to default.
  • Fixed not being able to use elevator in Porpoise (Mineral).
  • Fixed not being able to reach pilot chair in Plutus (Mineral).
  • Fixed incorrectly oriented turrets on Odachi.
  • Fixed muzzle effects for beam weapons sometimes outlasting actual beam.
  • Fixed muzzle effects for beam weapons sometimes remaining active on wrecks.
  • Fixed ramp of Hydra and Hydra Regal flickering erratically when docked.
  • Fixed various flickering and incorrectly moving animated parts.
  • Fixed missing wreck geometry for various ships.
  • Fixed lack of detail on wreck of S Plasma Cannon Mk2.
  • Fixed swapped azimuth/elevation for Terran S/M weapons.
  • Fixed floating drinks and disconnected lights in Astrid.
  • Fixed animation of disgruntled roulette players.
  • Fixed thin geometry blocking spacesuit dock in Cutlass.
  • Fixed pilots being unable to walk to rear cabin of Odachi.
  • Fixed being able to select turrets of Odachi.
  • Fixed paint mods not affecting entire hull of Odachi.
  • Fixed some parts of Xperimental Shuttle not being visible in menus.
  • Fixed floating geometry detail on Colossus E.
  • Fixed missing geometry and incorrect light colour on bridge of Sapporo.
  • Fixed missing collision in Argon L bridge.
  • Fixed missing collision in crew common room.
  • Fixed rare case of stations not having collisions.
  • Fixed exitcode 239 error on launch with some AMD graphics cards and newer drivers.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed several missing hints in spacesuit tutorial.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed trade tutorial not progressing if trade map filter is already on.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed ship upgrade tutorial not progressing when selecting pilot prematurely.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed being able to phase through geometry in Timelines scenarios involving space suits.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Atlas not granting points in Incursion of the False Pontifex Timelines scenario.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed various cases of Attack On Antigone Timelines scenario not progressing correctly.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Mine Your Own Business and Lord Prospector's Foray Timelines scenarios miscounting wares lost on ship destruction.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed capital ships in Flight of the Dragonfyre Timelines scenario having no service crew.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed timer not stopping when reaching finish in Hazing the Newbie Timelines scenarios from shortcut.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Xperimental Shuttle equipment blueprints not being retroactively rewarded when Timelines epilogue completed.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Xperimental Shuttle sometimes being spawned without engine in Timelines epilogue story (problem introduced in 7.10).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Boso Ta constantly mentioning mysterious ship after crisis has ended.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Xenon ships in Nopileos' Memorial not dropping wares when killed.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed player being catapulted away from Obliterator.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed capital ships not being able to fly in formation with player.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed fighters not doing any damage to stations or capital ships when player not present.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed ships trying to resupply at fleet auxiliary ships that are not ready for them.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed guided missiles being launched from way outside intended fire range.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed certain discounts potentially being applied to trade orders twice.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed wares with very high price range calculating negative price at extreme discounts.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed player-owned ships not automatically getting repairs at player-owned equipment docks.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed map not showing Explore order details when targeting gate or superhighway entrance and queued after another order.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed player ship continuing to move after pressing Full Stop while menu open.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed not being able to hide cockpit when using non-pilot control position.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed smart missiles with friend-foe detection sometimes not picking suitable target.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed being unable to equip Odachi with Mk2 and Mk3 Frontier shield generators.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Sapporo's missiles destroying each other on impact.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Xenon SE falsely appearing to be able to mine gas resources.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed characters sometimes walking through closed doors in Timelines Facility.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed damage effect triggering when repairing ship or module.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed beams sometimes appearing to pass through targets.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed missing rank and licence information in Quettanaut promotion ceremony.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed capital ships showing floating bridge in docking hologram.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed invisible signal leak and long range scan indicators when cockpit hidden.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed cockpit still obstructing sunlight when cockpit hidden.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed turret hatches on certain ships closing before turrets have fully retracted.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed loadout editor always showing Sapporo's main weapon slot as empty.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed hint overlapping important menu items when buying or selling wares in tutorials.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed hint overlapping important menu items when buying ship in tutorial.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed partially missing Timelines scenario menus under certain circumstances.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Timelines scenario menu reopening when changing UI scale during animation after closing it.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed missing dock UI elements at lower UI scales.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed incorrect tooltip font size under certain circumstances
  • [Beta 2] Fixed repeated indicator sound when approaching capital ships.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed lip movement continuing after character speech is interrupted.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed pink surfaces on Odachi if Kingdom End disabled.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed paint mod on Ravager and Obliterator affecting almost all surfaces.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed incorrect colours on Xenon SE wreck.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed floating turrets on Phoenix E.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed invisible wall on Terran Dockarea near M docking bay.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed several causes of crashes.
Note: If a problem is not listed as fixed above then it is probably not being addressed in this patch, but may be planned for a future one.

Note: When switching back from the Beta to the Release version, you may encounter problems with the controls. To resolve this, go to the in-game Start Menu and select Settings, Controls, Load Profile, then select the default profile from the list. Alternatively, if you make a copy of your inputmap.xml file before starting the Beta, you can simply copy this file back into your \Documents\Egosoft\X4 folder. Deleting the file will not solve the problem as it will be restored from the Steam Cloud.


Steam does not currently support automatic crashdump upload for 64-bit applications. We are therefore using a third party tool to provide this facility. If there is a crash then a standard crashdump will be created and uploaded to the third party site, from where we can perform analysis to determine the cause. As with Steam crashdumps no personal information is included in these crashdumps.
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