X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 4.00 Hotfix 3 Release (434806) - Last updated: 2021-04-01

This forum provides information on obtaining access to Public Beta versions of X4: Foundations allowing people running those versions to provide feedback on their experiences.

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X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 4.00 Hotfix 3 Release (434806) - Last updated: 2021-04-01

Post by CBJ » Thu, 6. Dec 18, 18:49

Before downloading this public Beta version, please make sure you read, understand and agree to the Public Beta Rules and Information. By downloading and installing the public Beta, you agree to abide by these rules and accept the disclaimers it contains.


  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • To start using the Beta version, right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the password IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select public_beta from the dropdown list.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, select NONE from the same dropdown list.

GOG Galaxy
  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • Select X4: Foundations in your GOG Galaxy game collection.
  • Click on "More > Settings"
  • On the right hand side of the page, click on "Beta Channels: OFF" and select "ON"
  • Click on the "Channel" option and select "Add Private Channels"
  • Enter the password for the "Public Beta" channel: IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select the "Public Beta" channel.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, click on the "Channel" dropdown and select "default"
Remember that savegames made using the Beta version may not work in vanilla version. We try to maintain savegame compatibility, but we cannot guarantee it.

Note: Please avoid re-posting the above information outside this forum. If you wish to tell other people about this Beta program, please post a link to this forum so that people joining the Beta are aware of the risks and the rules.

Note: Problems encountered while using a modified game will be considered invalid. Please make sure your game is a clean, unmodified game before you start. Do not use the -prefersinglefiles command line option when testing.


Release Notes

Note: This beta version is available for Windows (Steam and GOG Galaxy) and Linux (Steam only).

Note: Ventures are disabled in this Beta version. All ships currently on ventures will return immediately in preparation for upcoming changes to the online feature.

Version: 4.00 Hotfix 3 Release (434806) - 2021-04-01
  • Improved collision detection, especially at high speeds.
  • Fixed re-tasked NPC traders sometimes holding on to reservations for trades they are not going to complete.
  • Fixed not seeing assigned trainees on HQ after relocating it to sector without training capabilities.
  • Fixed player being able to easily board ships they've just sold.
  • Fixed missile launchers not being available to Terran and Pioneer factions.
  • Fixed license requirements for missile launchers and turrets.
  • Fixed automatic buy/sell threshold calculation for intermediate wares with manual storage allocation.
  • Fixed blacklist entries for certain sectors not being loaded after saving.
  • Fixed incorrect Torus airlock state if players teleports unexpectedly.
  • Fixed cases of mission ship being stuck in hazardous region during Second Assistant mission.
  • Fixed target ship in Mutually Assured Destruction mission stopping for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed Advanced Satellite deployment not registering in The Meeting story mission.
  • Fixed From the Ashes mission not accepting Terran ship fabrication modules.
  • Fixed Save Them From Themselves mission not ending if important character is no longer available when objective is completed.
  • Fixed Hatikvah mission getting stuck when interrupting Dal during Teladi meeting.
  • Fixed Operation Hyena Station construction failing to complete.
  • Fixed Falx asking for impossible equipment loadout in Terran Deliver Fleet missions.
  • Fixed Oberth not accepting antimatter cells in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed Final Debrief not continuing when defending Saman from Pirates under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed issues with Undercover Trader in Zyarth's Coffin story mission.
  • Fixed NPC in Treacherous Shallows mission getting killed if station is destroyed before player starts conversation.
  • Fixed Moreya gained in Astronauts, Champions, Truth Seekers mission remaining locked from pilot assignment after end of plot.
  • Fixed missing reputation reward for A Heart for Pirates mission.
  • Fixed encyclopedia entry selection when opening sector entries.
  • Fixed targeting capital ships not unlocking weapon and thruster information in Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed missing option to resume production if production module is marked for recycling or is hacked.
  • Fixed Yaki station sometimes having no icon.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.
Note: If a problem is not listed as fixed above then it is probably not being addressed in this patch, but may be planned for a future one.

Note: When switching back from the Beta to the Release version, you may encounter problems with the controls. To resolve this, go to the in-game Start Menu and select Settings, Controls, Load Profile, then select the default profile from the list. Alternatively, if you make a copy of your inputmap.xml file before starting the Beta, you can simply copy this file back into your \Documents\Egosoft\X4 folder. Deleting the file will not solve the problem as it will be restored from the Steam Cloud.


Steam does not currently support automatic crashdump upload for 64-bit applications. We are therefore using a third party tool to provide this facility. If there is a crash then a standard crashdump will be created and uploaded to the third party site, from where we can perform analysis to determine the cause. As with Steam crashdumps no personal information is included in these crashdumps.
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