X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 3.30 Beta 2 (403928) - Last updated: 2020-07-02

This forum provides information on obtaining access to Public Beta versions of X4: Foundations allowing people running those versions to provide feedback on their experiences.

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X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 3.30 Beta 2 (403928) - Last updated: 2020-07-02

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Before downloading this public Beta version, please make sure you read, understand and agree to the Public Beta Rules and Information. By downloading and installing the public Beta, you agree to abide by these rules and accept the disclaimers it contains.


  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • To start using the Beta version, right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the password IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select public_beta from the dropdown list.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, select NONE from the same dropdown list.

GOG Galaxy
  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • Select X4: Foundations in your GOG Galaxy game collection.
  • Click on "More > Settings"
  • On the right hand side of the page, click on "Beta Channels: OFF" and select "ON"
  • Click on the "Channel" option and select "Add Private Channels"
  • Enter the password for the "Public Beta" channel: IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select the "Public Beta" channel.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, click on the "Channel" dropdown and select "default"
Remember that savegames made using the Beta version may not work in vanilla version. We try to maintain savegame compatibility, but we cannot guarantee it.

Note: Please avoid re-posting the above information outside this forum. If you wish to tell other people about this Beta program, please post a link to this forum so that people joining the Beta are aware of the risks and the rules.

Note: Problems encountered while using a modified game will be considered invalid. Please make sure your game is a clean, unmodified game before you start. Do not use the -prefersinglefiles command line option when testing.


Release Notes

Note: This beta version is available for Windows (Steam and GOG Galaxy) and Linux (Steam only).

Version 3.30 Beta 2 (403928) - 2020-07-02
  • New Feature: Improved personnel management and crew transfer system.
  • Added new upkeep missions.
  • Added Hold Position override order as reaction to attack, to prevent ships from leaving area.
  • Added option to put docked ships into internal storage.
  • Added ability to enter space suit from docked capital ships.
  • Added ability to define multiple sectors for player alerts.
  • Added ticker notification for player-owned ships and stations coming under attack.
  • Added logbook entry for player-owned stations being attacked.
  • Added notification and logbook entry for player-owned stations getting destroyed.
  • Added option to fire unassigned crew members in Crew Info menu.
  • Added option to pause production in Logical Station Overview.
  • Added information about station supply resources to Logical Station Overview.
  • Added captions to columns in Logical Station Overview.
  • Added ship type icons to blueprint trade and Fast Travel menus.
  • [Beta 2] Added ship code to ship entry in shopping list section of Ship Configuration menu.
  • Added map filter options for enemy offers and gate connections.
  • Added map background opacity option.
  • Added new input bindings for diagonal steering and strafing.
  • Added new input bindings for toggling auto-roll and aim assist options.
  • Added option to select GPU in-game (requires restart).
  • Removed ability of Cerberus to be equipped with mining lasers.
  • [Beta 2] Removed redundant Manage funds Interact menu option (use Information option instead).
  • [Beta 2] Removed limit for concurrent generic missions (new feature in 3.30).
  • Improved docking process to allow S and M sized ships to be docked in reverse direction.
  • Improved Defence subordinate behaviour by reducing engagement range to 20km.
  • Improved resource handling to move surplus resources for Drones and Ammo to cargo bay if station has use for them.
  • Improved balancing of seminars (increased effectiveness, increased price, reduced quantity available).
  • Improved subordinate traders by changing priority to favour demand over distance.
  • Improved AutoMiners to make use of their factions' resource probes.
  • Improved selection of sectors for order parameters in Behaviour menu.
  • Improved wording of ship role assignments in Interact menu.
  • [Beta 2] Improved container magnet to also attract deactivated player-owned deployables.
  • Improved performance of Distribute Wares order in cases where blacklists result in it having significantly smaller operating range.
  • Improved performance of mission guidance rendering on map.
  • Fixed Paranid plot mission A Small Errand getting stuck at objective Follow: Dead Drop Signal under specific late game circumstances.
  • Fixed certain plot stations being recycled due to economic issues.
  • Fixed blueprints being obtainable from data leaks on ships.
  • Fixed rebuilt build modules remaining in an inoperable state if they were wrecked before existing hack expired.
  • Fixed ships having lingering links to inoperable build modules resulting in them not being able to upgrade elsewhere.
  • Fixed ships executing order Distribute Wares sometimes finding trades in blacklisted sectors.
  • Fixed ships belonging to Godrealm of the Paranid in Split space persisting when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed AI-controlled ships sometimes jumping ahead on path after going through accelerator or gate.
  • Fixed certain ships not being able to dock manually without docking computer.
  • Fixed mass traffic ships not flying correctly when returning to dock.
  • Fixed ships getting very large number of Attack orders if they have Attack assignment and their commander engages many targets.
  • Fixed promoted subordinates sometimes inheriting an assignment that they cannot fulfil.
  • Fixed newly promoted subordinates inheriting their former commander's assignment but not updating their behaviour.
  • Fixed boarding ships sometimes not launching pods.
  • Fixed turrets in Attack my current target mode sometimes not shooting when targeting station.
  • Fixed turrets on certain stations consistently missing capital ships.
  • Fixed weapon aiming problems when shooter rotates or moves laterally to target.
  • Fixed transport or build drones remaining unavailable under certain conditions.
  • Fixed venture ship being lost due to destroyed/moved venture docks when free venture dock is available.
  • Fixed defence modules not getting turrets on some stations where they should.
  • Fixed Split storage modules missing shields and turrets.
  • Fixed stuck trades between stations and build storage.
  • Fixed ships getting stuck in docking bay.
  • Fixed wrecks triggering player alerts.
  • Fixed getting notifications and logbook entries for player-owned drones and laser towers getting destroyed.
  • Fixed laser towers stuck in highways.
  • Fixed asteroids accumulating when repeatedly saving and loading in same location (corrects previous fix).
  • Fixed higher trade ranks and associated achievements being somewhat too difficult to achieve.
  • Fixed higher fight ranks and associated achievements being much too difficult to achieve.
  • Fixed fight rank not increasing when player destroys station modules.
  • Fixed transporter doors on M ships not closing when NPCs use them.
  • Fixed exploit allowing crew members to be cloned in certain situations.
  • Fixed exploit involving selling ship equipment by transferring credits when build process is complete.
  • Fixed exploit allowing licence and blueprint purchases to be made with insufficient funds.
  • Fixed incorrectly scaled satellite ranges on map.
  • Fixed discrepancies in information presented by boarding menu during operations.
  • Fixed loadout statistics not taking equipment mods on grouped turrets into account.
  • Fixed empty Import Construction Plans context menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Ship Configuration menu not working when accessed at resupply ship under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed station storage display in Info menu if station storage is empty.
  • Fixed all module categories being collapsed when editing module loadout in Station Build menu.
  • Fixed Behaviour and Individual Instruction menus jumping to top row after scrolling on right side.
  • Fixed sliders for order parameters in Behaviour menu not working correctly with mouse.
  • Fixed overlapping texts for station accounts in Object Info menu.
  • Fixed Loadout Info tab with high UI scale settings.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed mission menu breaking because of resource probe upkeep missions failing to abort if miner is destroyed (new feature in 3.30).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed missing guidance to target station in Split story End of Terrorism mission.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed missing Dal lines in Split story End of Oppression/Terrorism missions.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed incorrectly being able to assign service crew and marines to stations (problem introduced in 3.30).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed assigning managers and ship traders to stations sometimes resulting in them being lost (problem introduced in 3.30).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed cases where crew assignment could complete instantly instead of using pod (problem introduced in 3.30).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed cases where crew assignment could fail (problem introduced in 3.30).
  • [Beta 2] Fixed incorrect mission guidance when objective is to dock at ship that is itself docked.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed cases of missing guidance to mission targets in space after taking control of ship.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed inventory trader not showing new stock levels if initial value was zero.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed dock request not aborting previous assignment when done from menu.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed role selection in Crew Info menu not working.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed Ship Overview menu for ships in construction.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed crew info context menu referring to manager when interacting with ship trader.
  • Fixed selecting hologram on Split capital ship bridge resulting in player taking control of ship.
  • Fixed multiple minor glitches related to mouse click handling, e.g. clicks on NPCs sometimes immediately selecting dialog menu option.
  • Fixed visual hole in bridge on large Argon ships.
  • Fixed positional lights on Argon defence tube appearing in wrong position in upgrade menu.
  • Fixed small Mass Driver Mk1 and Mk2 appearing visually disconnected in upgrade menu.
  • Fixed Split defence module details being disconnected in upgrade menu.
  • Fixed floating and intersecting turrets on Teladi defence platform.
  • Fixed slightly offset guns on Tuatara.
  • Fixed gun on Jaguar not being properly visually attached to ship hull.
  • Fixed shields on Wyvern not protecting surface elements.
  • Fixed misplaced rear turrets and shield generator on Rattlesnake.
  • Fixed wrongly rotated shield generator on Raptor.
  • Fixed player logos on Raptor not being properly visible.
  • Fixed Boso Ta head rotation.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed cause of graphical corruption on very busy zoomed-out map.
  • Fixed excessive stuttering of engine sound especially on ships flying in formations.
  • [Beta 2] Fixed several causes of crashes.
Note: If a problem is not listed as fixed above then it is probably not being addressed in this patch, but may be planned for a future one.

Note: When switching back from the Beta to the Release version, you may encounter problems with the controls. To resolve this, go to the in-game Start Menu and select Settings, Controls, Load Profile, then select the default profile from the list. Alternatively, if you make a copy of your inputmap.xml file before starting the Beta, you can simply copy this file back into your \Documents\Egosoft\X4 folder. Deleting the file will not solve the problem as it will be restored from the Steam Cloud.


Steam does not currently support automatic crashdump upload for 64-bit applications. We are therefore using a third party tool to provide this facility. If there is a crash then a standard crashdump will be created and uploaded to the third party site, from where we can perform analysis to determine the cause. As with Steam crashdumps no personal information is included in these crashdumps.


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