[4.20 Beta 3] Displayed route and route taken different

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[4.20 Beta 3] Displayed route and route taken different

Post by Scoob » Sun, 28. Nov 21, 15:06


This has been a problem for a while, but I have another example of it.

I have a small fleet in Family Kritt, near the North gate to Xenon-owned Rhy's Defiance. The Fleet is running a "Protect Position" command there.

I ordered the fleet to instead "Protect Position" near the North-West gate in Zyarth's Dominion I. It showed the correct path, going South via Family Zhinn, then East into Family Nhuut and finally North into Zyarth's Dominion I.

However, while the displayed route consistently showed this correct path, the actual route taken was different. The fleet actually travelled NORTH into the undiscovered Rhy's Defiance and then tried to go East into Matrix #598 (also undiscovered) and into Zyarth's Dominion that way.

While this is of course a shorter route - very short in fact, death awaits - it is NOT the route the route planner showed. It also flew through unknown sectors. It seem that move command don't care whether a route is discovered or not, unlike the "Start Guidance to Position" command used by the auto pilot.

There are several examples of this issue where the correct (safe, sensible, not suicidal) route is shown, yet an entirely different route is actually taken. I've provided examples of these in the past, this particular one is new to me, likely as I've not issues the specific order before for these locations.

Obviously this is a major annoyance, which results in a reload as the game has not obeyed the given order. In dangerous areas it's normal to confirm that any move order isn't going to fly somewhere stupid. However, we cannot rely on the game to tell us what it's going to do, it basically tells the player it's going follow a safe route - so the move order is considered fine by the player - yet that is far from the case.

Note: I'm aware blacklists can be used to further limit sector travel, however, that is NOT the point of this report. The point is that the route planner does NOT reflect the actual route taken.

Re-creation should be simple, given the information provided. My fleet was made up of an L-Class ship as the Fleet Leader, with a second L-Class subordinate.

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