[4.20 Beta 3] Major jams exiting Super Highways (Feedback)

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[4.20 Beta 3] Major jams exiting Super Highways (Feedback)

Post by Scoob » Sat, 27. Nov 21, 00:42


This isn't a formal bug report, just an observation. It'd be good to hear if others are noticing it too, or whether it's an isolated incident in my game due to particularly heavy traffic in a given region.

I'm riding on one of my Capital ships, several times it's negotiated a Superhighway, it's been rammed from behind by another large ship exiting said Superhighway soon afterwards. This has quite a spectacular outcome due to some...interesting physics. My ship will spin like crazy and can take a minute or two to recover from this. The ships that hit me seem less impacted and often recover more quickly. They then proceed to bump me again, albeit without quite such a spectacular result, and generally get a bit jammed up.

I just emerged from the Superhighway in Grand Exchange I from Grand Exchange III. My ship was slow leaving the area - it basically arrived in the sector and stopped dead for a bit - an proceeded to be rammed by no less than FIVE other large ships. Four of those ships were in one group and they arrived very close together perhaps for this reason.

Three things might help here potentially.

i) Have ships clear the area quickly and not just sit there before deciding to move.

ii) Not allow several large ships to enter the highway in such rapid succession. Better queuing?

iii) "Eject" the ships a little further out. Interestingly, when I'm in a Small or Medium vessel, I'll often be ejected from Superhighways at great speed, even though I entered going slow. This sees me clear the area right away, though that's less important for smaller ships of course.

Regarding that first point, often ships don't leave the area cleanly. They don't fly straight out of the Superhighway, nor do they follow their current course. Rather they can often be seen stopping, turning to a seemingly random vector, travelling *slowly* along that for a bit, before finally getting back on course. All of this adds to the clutter.

Anyway, this is just feedback from my personal observations. Perhaps I've been unlucky with a fleet following me like this.


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