[1487] 4.20 b3 Freighter executing trade with auxiliary problem

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[1487] 4.20 b3 Freighter executing trade with auxiliary problem

Post by peteran » Thu, 25. Nov 21, 05:50

I don't know what had happened to cause this, but I can guess that the freighter and auxiliary were initially much closer to each other and most likely in a different sector as well. The auxiliary probably had published a buy order for energy cells (as it's supposed to) and the freighter picked it up.

The freighter and auxiliary are both in Fires of Defeat now, near the southern and eastern gates.


The problem is as follows:
  • The freighter doesn't engage its travel drive to get closer.
  • Executing the trade isn't going very fast since it's far between them and there is only one cargo drone (out of eight) being used).
I have more pictures in higher quality. I just noticed that it is actually moving very slowly (69 m/s). While writing this it's crawled halfway there.


NB: I may play nice and tell the auxiliary to fly and wait to a suitable location close to the auxiliary.
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Re: Freighter executing trade with auxiliary problem

Post by Wultan » Thu, 25. Nov 21, 10:13

May be the same problen as I described here: viewtopic.php?f=192&t=443176&sid=58f09b ... 85af19864b

The ships do not start their travel mode even though the destination is still far away.

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