[4.1 b1] (Massive deaths from Capital/Module final explosions.)

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[4.1 beta 4] Exploding ship and station modules

Post by Falcrack » Tue, 27. Jul 21, 05:34

I just want to register my feedback that while I like the idea of exploding stations and ships doing damage, the AI desperately needs some sort of flee logic. Small and medium ships which are in or near the explosion radius, when alerted that there is an imminent explosion, should immediately get a temporary "flee from explosion" order where they point their nose directly away from the exploding ship/station and boost away until they are safely out of range, after which they can resume their previous orders.

Having fighter wings wiped out, or all reduced to a sliver of health because they are attacking a station which then explodes in their faces is NOT fun. I hope before the 4.1 patch is released as live, that this issue is further addressed.

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Re: [4.1 b1] (Massive deaths from Capital/Module final explosions.)

Post by Zloth2 » Tue, 27. Jul 21, 18:28

That's only what they should do if they are at low speed. If they are diving toward the station already, it may be better for them to alter their direction a little so they miss the station but otherwise fly past it. You don't want a diving fighter to have to cancel all their forward momentum before even starting to go away from the blast.

That might be a good thing to link into pilot skill.

P.S. It seems like blast damage drops fast with range. Good stuff!
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Re: [4.1 b5] (Massive deaths from Capital/Module final explosions.)

Post by ubuntufreakdragon » Mon, 2. Aug 21, 09:54

Today I saw a hole Split fleet loosing against a completely wrecked Xenon Shipyard, because all modules entered reconstruction stage got destroyed again and blasted though these pathetic split shields.
So these must happen:
On repair one module at once, the whole station entering repair stage means to kill it requires extremely massive fleets the can kill the hole station within the repair cool down.
No explosions for under construction modules, especially not when they are at 0% progress/20%hull, may be some explosion for 80% progress but blow 50% exploding is completely unrealistic.

Would be funny if explosion damage would affect under construction modules more.
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Re: [4.1 b1] (Massive deaths from Capital/Module final explosions.)

Post by S!rAssassin » Sun, 29. Aug 21, 21:38

In syfy movies we see delayed ship/station destruction with big ka-boom after series of mini-booms.
Maybe in X4 ships/stations should be first set off-battle with 0 health and start mini explodes for 10 seconds, before big, destructive, explosion.
AI attacker’s ships should get another target in this time and get out of damage zone.

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Re: [4.1 b1] (Massive deaths from Capital/Module final explosions.)

Post by FatalKeks » Thu, 2. Sep 21, 19:36

Have there been any adjustment to this since beta 2 or so? Are any adjustments planned?

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Re: [4.1 b1] (Massive deaths from Capital/Module final explosions.)

Post by capitalduty » Thu, 2. Sep 21, 19:49

I hope we see further improvement upon this issue, its gamebraking, especially s/m gameplay against stations or XL ships!!!

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