Guide - Raw Resource Trading Post

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Guide - Raw Resource Trading Post

Post by grapedog » Wed, 7. Apr 21, 22:42

So, I've been running two resource trading posts now for quite some time.

The idea is to maximize miners time mining, and making money, and reduce waste. All the trade ships are miners too, since they're the only ships that can carry resources. In this fashion, you don't have miners running off doing full trade runs, they just go out and mine, and return home to fill the storage. Then I'll typically use faster mining ships to do the deliveries... smaller holds, but they're rarely delivering an entire hold full of resources anyhow. And they get back much quicker for the next order. This one uses ALL M mining ships because it was my first attempt and I didn't want to throw a bunch of L's at it, but depending on location of resources... if resources are close by, L's could reduce the amount of ships you need, while also being nearly immune to kha'ak aggression. M miners as my selling/trade ships are always moving around near stations and highways, never sitting still, so I don't have to worry about the kha'ak with them either.

The last and probably biggest benefit, is the mining range.... managers level quite quickly, so it doesn't take long before your mining ships and mining trade ships have a 5 sector reach from the trading post location. This post in Saturn can reach the entirety of the Sol system, from Earth to the far out PIO sector Segaris, as well as Antigone Memorial and Second Contact. I have another trade post in Hatikvah's Choice which can service a very large chunk of the map as well, with a 5 sector distance.
Super basic build plan

For this station I went with 2 piers, an 8m dock(for ease of traffic), a 3M6S luxury dock because I like em, 1L Solid Storage, 1L Gas storage, and 1S container storage(largely unused- needed it to get drone parts). I'm not actually operating any L miners at this station, but I also will buy resources at the lowest price if they're selling, because I can sell for more usually.... so that's like free workers. You could get by without having piers, but I like to have them just in case an L wants to sell cheap, or I decide to upgrade in the future.

This is showing how I setup my wares. I do buy resources, at the lowest possible price, because you're often times going to be selling for more. Also, this is usually only in the beginning. It does take a little bit of cash to start putting out a good profit. You could give it zero cash, and just let it slowly make it's own. It's operating budget right now with mostly full storage is about 160k credits, so WAY less than a million, but when you first start it up, and it's got completely empty storage, it's asking budget is a good deal higher. But you can either finance it right away, or let it build it's own bank account up over time.

I also set a manual storage limit on Ice, as it's usually the least profitable. I'd rather have my miners selling Ore and Silicon, but Ice is needed too to keep stations running that need water, so it's always good to make sure you have some Ice around to deliver.

I do have one trader assigned to the station, the SNT ship, because I had a mission to assign a trader. He also went around and got my drone parts for me, now he just sits there collecting a paycheck... what a bum. All the rest, both Miners and Traders, are all mining ships. This station is mostly Plutus Sentinels to mine, Plutus Vanguards and Alligators to sell. It has a smattering though of Manorina's, Drills, and Bolo's as well.

As you can see, it does a pretty brisk business for just mining and selling. This station averages probably 3-4 million every 2-3 hours. It keeps the NPC factories fed constantly, and with very little waste. The one downside would be that I have to manually clear out my miners holds from time to time, as they come back full of say Ore, and can only deposit 30% for example... so once a game day or so, I'll just check up on all of them, for deposit what resources I can, and clear the holds of the rest.

One caveat, there will be times when you're selling for the minimum, but that's ok... because your'e spending very little to nothing at all to get your resources. You could actually go with smaller storage as well to bring up your prices, since each sale will deplete a larger portion of your available inventory, causing the remaining inventory to have a higher sell price. This was my first attempt, so I wasn't super worried about turning max profits... but tinkering with prices could be done to increase profits even more.... like setting slightly higher minimum sales prices.

This might be my new favorite first station to setup to really get a solid income stream rolling in. It's super low maintenance, requires very few blueprints to steal, and M mining ships are pretty cheap, so quite quickly you can have it running at full speed.

You could also use this setup, with trade rules, to eliminate the need for other stations you create to have their own mining fleets or resource storage. Depending on your resource needs, a station like this could service multiple player owned stations at the same time. You'd just have to scale your mining and storage accordingly.

** one small note I'll add, a tip from another poster, without going into too much detail... Your captain, your ship setup, and your crew have a HUGE effect on how well your ships operate. The difference between a less than 1 star captain, and a 2+ star captain that you paid 10k in credits for seminars for, is very large. They mine faster, and find resources much easier. Same thing with crew, you want to make sure your ships are fully crewed if you can afford it. A good captain with a good crew makes a very big difference. Ship setup is important too... for M's you want to make sure you have your main mining turret, but the additional turrets don't provide much more benefit. There is some small increase in how quickly they work, but it's well into the range of very diminished returns. It's a personal choice at that point whether you want to add the additional mining turrets, but they don't add much at all. On L size miners, mining drones offer a big big boost to mining speed, and again, as long as you have your L mining turret, M mining turrets don't add much. If the ship has no L mining turret, then you want a full loadout of M mining turrets. But load those L ships up with plenty of mining drones. For L ships, I'll typically go 2 cargo, 1 repair, 7 mining drones.

If you have any questions, or advice since I'm still tinkering with the setup, please let me know! Good luck and enjoy the X universe.
Just another day of work at my Saturn resource trading post...
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Guide - Raw Resource Trading Post

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Re: Guide - Raw Resource Trading Post

Post by Raptor34 » Thu, 8. Apr 21, 07:02

Crap, I gave my Ls minimal mining drones as I wasn't aware how helpful they were.
That's annoying.
And thanks.

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Re: Guide - Raw Resource Trading Post

Post by rene6740 » Thu, 8. Apr 21, 19:35

Would have probably be better idea to post that in the General discussion instead of spoiler forum :)

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Re: Guide - Raw Resource Trading Post

Post by TwistedSeven » Tue, 13. Apr 21, 07:23

Remember when running a gathering hub, the digger ship mod (if you have unlocked the HQ and the research), boost your mining multiplier.
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