Geometric Owl (Moreya) as Personal Fighter

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Geometric Owl (Moreya) as Personal Fighter

Post by alt3rn1ty » Wed, 21. Jul 21, 23:16

Spoiler post:

I have been experimenting with the best configuration I can get for the Owl recently as a personal fighter, but decided to let it loose with an AI pilot to see how it would cope with fighting off the Kha'ak having a go at my miners.

Have a look -

It's pretty good even just in AI Pilot hands. Though if the Kha'ak decide to all turn their attention towards the owl instead of the miners I am helping, things can get a bit close to the bone :). Still I reckon a squad or swarm of Moreyas' would be a force to be reckoned with.

Having a good boosted recharge rate on shields means the jousting runs where the AI depletes the shields to re-position get regenerated pretty quick before getting back to the target, and helps cope admirably for those moments when the Kha'ak Kyons get a bead on the ship longer than usual (close quarters turning circle advantage situations).

I went for Terran Pulse because they have a decent range and accuracy for an S class weapon, and when boosted with in game modification Obliterator they run down the defences of the Kha'ak quite well.

Thought about replacing one of the weapons with an Argon Ion blaster to get shields down quicker maybe would help .. Open to suggestions there.

But anyway thought some of you may be interested. The Owl in players hands is a very decent and enjoyable personal fighter if you like dogfighting.
Travel speed boosted, with reduced mass, and Strafing boosted to a good percentage all combine to make it feel great.
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