War of Intevention: Spear of Odin is not moving.

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War of Intevention: Spear of Odin is not moving.

Post by tatakau » Mon, 21. Jun 21, 00:43

I think I'm nearing the end of The Fate of the Yaki questline. i chose to be loyal to the Terrans, and am in the first wave of the War of Intevention portion.

I loaded up my Syn with beams to take out fighters and drones, and am now in Matrix #79B with the battlegroup.

Except, the Tokyo decided to point-blank buzz the xenon shipyard and got blown up. And the Spear of Odin is hanging back probably 15-20 km away from the station and holding ground doing nothing. I'm having to attack the station by myself with my Syn's main gun battery and fend off drones, while the Spear just sits there completely useless!

What gives?? For a game in 4.x over 2 years after release, the AI seems really really really bad. Even in X3, capital ships would hold position within weapons range of enemy stations.

Recent Steam purchase, not using 4.10 public beta if that makes any difference.

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