Yaki Plot issue

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Yaki Plot issue

Post by TwistedSeven » Mon, 14. Jun 21, 06:59

So i felt like starting the yaki plot, after sidetracking for a while. So i reach the point where you enter Savage Spurs 1 with the mission going, and the Yaki station and the amplifier spawns in... The split had moved in to Savage spur 1 and Antigone had taken Savage spurs 2.

Thinking there wont be an issue, i go ahead with the mission, progressing to the stage where you get presented with the 3 choices that you can make.

And i decided to to some missions that popped up at the yaki station (to get to rank 10), some split dragons shows up and attacks the yaki station, and the station is indeed very weak, loosing half of its hp to the dragons, and then a rattlesnake shows up and finishes the job.. and bam... no more yaki plot mission, no rewards, no blueprints, just a waste of time.

Is there a reason the station and/or sector ain't protected from the rng jesus?

In this mature save, the xenon sectors is emperors pride 4&6 , matrix 9... and surprisingly they own everything from Hewa's Twin and out (except Hewa's Twin IV [Protected space?]), and it makes for a fun challenge stopping I's and K's in Trinity Sanctum 3

Loaded an earlier save, so the quest is now "stuck" at talk to the lady, managed to get my rep up to 10 (only 5 station respawns)so i could get my hands on the blueprints... but cant progress anymore due to the station getting destroyed so often and the station respawns so close to where it was destroyed last. The solution should be that the station spawns in the same area that the kha'ak station spawns.

And yes, I can probably continue the quest, just need to claim the sector for myself, but the plan was not to own any sectors during this playthrough...
O_O TwistedSeven

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