[MOD Suggestion] Toggleable ResourceProbe-Like Software

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[MOD Suggestion] Toggleable ResourceProbe-Like Software

Post by max17 » Tue, 7. Jan 20, 20:46

Hi there everyone, while playing and making some missions I found something that was giving me quite an headache: exploring sectors and look for an " X " amount of a " Resource " to scan with Resources Probes (don't know the english name because I'm playing it in italian). So because it is a real pain to explore the whole sector and just drop and/or pick up the probe again until you find the correct amount that the mission wants, why don't create a "software for the ship" that acts like a resource probe on your ship that can be toggled, so it would tell you how much resources are around you whenever you activate it ? Let me know what do you think about it :)

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Re: [MOD Suggestion] Toggleable ResourceProbe-Like Software

Post by tylitalo » Sat, 25. Jan 20, 05:35

That would be somewhat useful, but you can get by it pretty easily with the short range scanner. You can check the asteroid's volume with that turned on, find a few that add up to the total you need and drop the probe in the middle of them.

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