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Qu: white Texture on Station

Posted: Sun, 29. Dec 19, 18:46
by HighVelocity

Two harmless colour-questions. Does anyone knew the filename of the horrible white texture(the groundtiles) in the wharfs ? Beside there are the black marble tiles. I´m testing a lot of modparts, what means, that i´m standing very often near the workbench. And because of my 46-Inch Monitor this i far to bright for the eyes, so that i often have to stop.

I expanded all graphics, but could not find anything. I hoped it is textures\interiors, but nothing changed. I play with expandend files in the original folder, so i can easily see, if it works. In my opinion an absolut must for playing, so that all Icons have different colours on the map. And this means, that i´m dooing a lot of "colourtesting".

And a second one. Where are the colours of the map (regarding the red ore belt and so on).

Maybe i´m lucky and someone knows.