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[MOD] Improved turret modes

Posted: Tue, 24. Dec 19, 19:39
by iforgotmysocks
This mod adds and improves target selection logic of turret modes for npc ships and the playership and fixes an issue that leads npc ships with selected turret groups to prioritize other targets, ignoring their turret settings.

For more details please read up on Nexus:

Re: [MOD] Improved turret modes

Posted: Wed, 25. Dec 19, 00:46
by Max Bain
Something likethis must be in the vanilla game!

Excellent that you could mod this in. Will try it out.

Thank you!

Re: [MOD] Improved turret modes

Posted: Sat, 25. Jan 20, 15:52
by iforgotmysocks
Update for B5 is out.

Re: [MOD] Improved turret modes

Posted: Sun, 26. Jan 20, 20:02
by Max Bain

I have had a look into the script :). Is it right, that the "Attack fighters" mode does also attack capitals and stations if no fighters are in range? If yes, thats good. Wanted to ask for such a mode.

For the "Missile Defense" mode I would love to see this also. If no missiles or fighters are in range, I want them to attack the big ships/stations. I also want missile defense mode always target missiles first. I think your script will handle missiles and fighters equally prioritized.

Also in your scripts the variable is called "incomingmissiles". Does this mean that it will only target incoming missiles or all enemy missiles nearby? Because this could be useful also. So you can make some missile defense ships that defend allied ships from missiles.

Thanks for the mod :)