Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

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Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

Post by Berserk Knight » Wed, 20. Nov 19, 12:29

Playable Xenon
-"Fixes" the Xenon fighter mix-up that's been happening since Rebirth.
--Vanilla M model is now used by both N scout and M fighter.
--Vanilla N model is now used by L heavy fighter with 2 extra weapon slots and 1 extra shield.
-Xenon gamestart
--Player character uses a fully enclosed space suit model. Pretend it's an armored android that the Xenon were experimenting with to repel boarders, which accidentally became self-aware.
--You start in a Xenon N scout in Scale Plate Green.
--All non-Xenon start off hating you. (Obviously.)
--Gain credit and reputation from the Xenon for blowing up non-Xenon ships, anywhere! Half as much if your ships don't land the killing blow. They'll skip the credit reward if they hate you.
--Free Xenon AI pilots installed when you claim ships.
-All Xenon ships now pilotable by the player.
-Xenon SHIPS themselves are capturable. Xenon "pilots" still don't bail, however.
-Claimable Xenon ships (small and medium) hidden in corners of non-Xenon space.
-Claimable Xenon ships (everything from fighters to the Xenon I, and a Terraformer CPU Ship) hidden in corners of Xenon space.
-Terraformer CPU Ship repurposed as a builder ship, mostly for use by the Xenon gamestart. Claiming it gives you Xenon station module blueprints.
-7 New Data Vaults hidden in Xenon space containing blueprints for Xenon ships and equipment.

3.0 beta's shader problem affects the gutted cockpits I added to the fighters.
On hold until that's resolved at the very least.

X Rebirth Capital Ships
-Adds Argon XL combat capitals from X Rebirth (Taranis, Arawn, Olmekron, Fulmekron) in a configuration as close as possible to their originals.
--Albion ships will be available to all factions, while the Omicron ones will be Argon/Antigone exclusive. (The tuning forks are too iconic at this point to be used by anyone else.)
-Also adds a Xenon I Mk2, which is a full X Rebirth spec Xenon I, including embedded missile and torpedo launchers. The Xenon will deploy and maintain one with full escorts like a regular Xenon I.
--I Mk2 is deployed independently of the regular Xenon I. I once saw Ianamus Zura get swarmed by 2 Xenon I (each spawned from Matrix 9 and 451) AND 1 Xenon I Mk2, plus all the escorts. (Talk about bad luck...)
-1 New Data Vault containing the Xenon I Mk2 blueprint hidden in Xenon space.
-Minimal changes to shield layouts, and only if there were clipping issues (for XL shields) or grouping issues (for M shields, since groups had to be split for M and L turrets).
-Minimal changes to turret layouts, and only if there were clipping issues.
-Exception: Arawn now has 21 S launch tubes, 24 S and 4 M landing pads, which block off the entrances to the interior (which was a major design flaw), and the turret group INSIDE the ship was removed. (Only case of turret removal.)
-Fulmekron had the bridge moved forward, in front of the massive radar array (and the central structure) that used to obstruct the view.
-All bridge exterior models had the radar array right on top of it removed. (There's plenty of extra radar array props slapped on anyway.) Added a dummy transporter console "space suit docking bay" in that position.
-Turret groups merged to keep it within X4's display/control limit of 11. Original layouts have so many turret groups that some of them mess up the ship interaction menu completely. (As in, it chokes and dies and doesn't display anything at all.)

Thinking of ripping off the new space suit docking bays on stations from 3.0 to replace the dummy transporter console. For XL ships, at least.
On hold until 3.0 beta shader problem is resolved.

EVE Balance
-Started off as a joke. (...and as an offshoot of my personal "BugFix" mod, of all thing.) Then it worked surprisingly well so I kept it.
-Weapons limited by faction.
--Argon have the Caldari/Gallente weapon lineup of Blaster(Plasma)/Railgun(Mass Driver). (Common ground is the ISO human ship design of Argon and Caldari, and both Argon and Gallente screwing things up with irresponsible drone research.)
--Paranid have the Amarr weapon lineup of Pulse/Beam. (Common ground is being religious fanatics.)
--Teladi have the Minmatar weapon lineup of Auto Cannon(Bolt Repeater)/Artillery(Muon Charger). (Common ground is scrapheaps held together by duct tapes. At least, the Teladi used to be that before Rebirth...)
(For turret versions of weapons such as Mass Driver turrets, Muon Charger turrets and L Bolt turret, I simply reused different existing turrets.)
--Mk2 and long range weapons are now considered military hardware, and require licenses as such.
--Alliance of the Word still has access to all weapons as they do now.
-Weapons changed drastically to mimic EVE's weapons.
--Weapon DPS in decreasing order (for S weapons, Mk2) : Plasma(400), Pulse(300), Bolt(200), Beam(200), Mass Driver(175), Muon Charger(150)
--Weapon range in increasing order (for S weapons) : Plasma(1.25km), Bolt(2km), Pulse(2.5km), Beam(5km), Mass Driver(5.5km), Muon Charger(5.5km)
--Range and damage nearly double per size category difference. (Pulse and Beam double in range. Others vary a bit. Damage always doubles.)
--Short range turrets have good turn rates. Long range turrets turn very slowly. (Imitating the turret tracking values.)
--Most weapons have greatly improved damage application due to better bullet speed and bullet grouping. Some are still less effective than others. (Bolt and Muon Charger. Imitating the low optimal, falloff based damage of EVE projectile weapons.)
--All long range weapons have low ROF. (Even lower as they get bigger.) As a result, actually getting hit by one is devastating. (Muon Charger hits the hardest due to having half ROF of other long range weapons. Lowest DPS, highest alpha.)
--All weapons of the same size category and Mark value have the same ware requirements and price. (Only way to force a diverse loadout...)
--Destructible ship components have increased hull to account for the greatly increased range at which combat takes place, along with the deadly accuracy of most weapons.
--Turret stats rebalanced. Argon are the baseline, with Paranid having +10% turn rate and -10% hull, while the Teladi do the exact opposite. (Now Argon components are "average" instead of vanilla's "sub-par".)
--Destroyer main batteries also come in multiple weapon types. (Still uses the same weapon model.)
--Xenon pulse lasers have double range. They needed SOMETHING to not be helpless while closing 10km+ distance, so I gave them "T2 Scorch ammo". (Of course now everyone else gets killed by short range DPS projected out to long range...)
-Faction specific drone and "laser tower" variants that use their respective factions' weapons.
-Light and Heavy missiles are now restricted to S launchers and M launchers (or M turrets and L turrets) respectively. (This is the part of the original "BugFix" that started it all.)
--I also gave heavy missiles upscaled models to match the launchers.
--Hitboxes are now more form fitting.
-Missile ranges : 7.5km for light dumbfire, 15km for heavy dumbfire, 15km for light guided, 30km for heavy guided.
--Missile speed remains the same. (Except dumbfire. Drastically increased so it can actually hit something.) Lifetime was changed to match the ranges.

It's quite fun watching capital ships blast each other from great distances using long range weapons. (Was less fun before the component hull upgrade, since the losing side stopped shooting after about 30 seconds in, due to having nothing left to shoot with.)
Not exactly for release unless someone requests it. (Requires some cleaning up, as it's still part of the "BugFix" mod. Never got around to splitting it off.)

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Re: Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

Post by Warnoise » Wed, 20. Nov 19, 14:18

I am interested in the Eve balance mod. :)

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Re: Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

Post by Berserk Knight » Wed, 20. Nov 19, 14:44

Warnoise wrote:
Wed, 20. Nov 19, 14:18
I am interested in the Eve balance mod. :)
DAMMIT!! :lol:
Oh well, it's about time I actually did split that thing off...

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Re: Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

Post by teleportationwars » Wed, 20. Nov 19, 15:16

How did you add cockpits to the s/m xenon ships?

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Re: Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

Post by Berserk Knight » Wed, 20. Nov 19, 15:50

teleportationwars wrote:
Wed, 20. Nov 19, 15:16
How did you add cockpits to the s/m xenon ships?
Copied over the cockpit, chair, and transporter parts from Argon Nova/Eclipse, crammed it inside the hull (which works since the hull mesh isn't rendered two-sided), then cut off the parts that stick out of the main hull.
Didn't have to do the "cutting off" part for M ships since they had enough space inside.

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Re: Some of my personal projects (nearing release)

Post by Unglekus » Tue, 7. Jan 20, 10:16

Does your Mod works now under Beta 4 ?

Looking forward to Play like a Xenon :)

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