[MOD][V 1.02] Race Weapons Enabled

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[MOD][V 1.02] Race Weapons Enabled

Post by RoverTX » Tue, 22. Oct 19, 06:40



Egosoft almost fully implemented Paranid Mass Driver and Teladi Muon Charger but failed to polish and release them FOR PLAYER CONTROLLED USE. This leaves only the Argon with a race specific weapon the Argon Ion Blaster. This mod:
  • Adds the Paranid Mass Driver and Teladi Muon Charger to the game.
  • Adds their blueprints for sale.
  • NPCs factions shouldn't use either the Mass Driver, or Muon Charger. If this is not the case please report an issue. Also note please do not use them on none player controlled ships. They will not work right in sector. This is because attack run beheavior for weapons with charge time is broken, and cannot be fixed via modding.
  • Fixes an issue with the Mass Driver Medium MK1 always overheating and never being able to fire off a round.
  • Fixes an issue with both Mass Driver MK1s having no consequence for overheating.
  • Fixes an issue with a declare not being placed properly for the Mass Driver Medium MK2
  • Removes the randomness of the Mass Drivers damage and nerfs it to a level where you couldn't use an ecslipes with four of them to completely destroy a fighter or m turret.
  • Nerfs the Mass Driver Range Down to 10KM so it still has the longest range, but not so long that opponensts will never be able to close the gap.
  • Balances the Muon Charger in such a way that their low attention combat damage isn't anymore broken than the Ion Blaster.
  • Changed the Muon Charger charge time from 1 second to 5.
  • Fixes an issue where the Small MK2 Muon Charger was using the MK1's bullets.
What do these weapons do?
  • The mass driver is a sniper rifle with limit hits before it overheats.
  • The Muon Charger is a charging weapon. It is very similiar to Plasma Cannon, but has a charge time where you have to hold the fire button down.
What Is Modified?
  • Patched All the Muon Charger Bullet Macros, and the Mass Driver Mk1's Bullet Macros.
  • Patched the weapon macros for the Mass Driver Mk1's Bullet Macros, and the weapon macro for the Muon Charger Mk2.
  • Patched the loadout file for the Mass Driver Medium MK2
  • Patched the warefile to make all these weapons available and have blueprints.

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1.00 Release Version

1.01 Ensure HOP and MIN have access. Do not allow NPCs to equip Muon Charger until Egosoft fixes attack run beavhior with a charge weapon. Make sure the Mass Driver is treated as a military weapon and does not show up on every civilian ship.

1.02 Do not allow NPCs to equip the Mass Driver either. Nerf Mass Driver damage and range so it is not an all powerful player only weapon.
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Re: [MOD][V 1.00] Race Weapons Enabled

Post by Max Bain » Tue, 22. Oct 19, 09:04

Hey, thats great!

Can you maybe give us some more information about the weapons?

Are there only fixed versions or turrets as well? What sizes do exist?
Do you have screenshots of the effects (I hope they have their own nice effects)?
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Re: [MOD][V 1.00] Race Weapons Enabled

Post by Berserk Knight » Tue, 22. Oct 19, 10:47

They follow the same "race specific weapon" scheme as the Argon Ion Cannons. S and M mounted weapons only.

Looking at the vanilla stats for these weapons...
Mass Drivers should basically be 80km range sniper guns.
As for the Muon Chargers...slightly faster plasma cannons.

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Re: [MOD][V 1.00] Race Weapons Enabled

Post by RoverTX » Wed, 23. Oct 19, 05:26

Muon Charger works fine for players, but is inconsistent for AI. Looking for a way to restrict Races from using them while still giving the player full access.

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