[MOD] Mules and Warehouses v4.0

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Re: [MOD] Mules and Warehouses v4.0

Post by Doctorzook » Tue, 14. Jan 20, 14:36

I caught it early on in my save, cause I play on two pc's at different locations. I don't know if I made a save after the bug occured, but all old saves I loaded were bugged even after deleting orders.base.xml. This solution worked for me and maybe somebody could try it out.

close game
delete orders.base.xml
check X4 files for errors in steam (maybe not required)
opt out of beta, let download finish
opt in to beta
start game, load latest save
report back if it worked

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Re: [MOD] Mules and Warehouses v4.0

Post by Jacem » Thu, 23. Jan 20, 03:03

I just installed Mules and warehouses on a running save and all of my unassigned traders are now set to hold position. When I go into them and set them to autotrade set the commodities they are supposed to trade, pick the sector and hit confirm if I wait like five seconds it resets to hold position while I watch. I'm running 2.60 and am wondering if vanilla autotrading is compatible with mules and warehouses.



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