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[MOD] Resupplier Class Vessels (TL)

Posted: Wed, 26. Dec 18, 17:14
by Glimpse
So, it seems Egosoft is planning to add XL transports to game with resupplier class as they are already in game but not available yet. They'll probably be available officially after player owned shipyards makes a debut. However until then, here is a mod that adds them with some functionality to game.

They can hold all types of cargo with a little bit of larger capacity than L class traders. All factions have one variant corresponding to their race with Sentinel variants being the more expensive and more spacey types.

Re: [MOD] Resupplier Class Vessels (TL)

Posted: Thu, 27. Dec 18, 19:24
by aftokinito
Not to be cocky or anything but, you're more than a week late: viewtopic.php?f=181&t=409289&p=4805585

And I got them to work as they should, which I will be releasing soon:

Re: [MOD] Resupplier Class Vessels (TL)

Posted: Fri, 28. Dec 18, 04:51
by Glimpse
Cool! I'll link to your mod when you upload it on nexus. I didn't want to bug around in LUA to restore functionality.