[MOD] Pimp my Ships

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[MOD] Pimp my Ships

Post by Azurgan » Fri, 7. Dec 18, 23:05

1st i want to give credit to ShanoTES for creating --> Cheating Ship Mods and showing the way to player only/owned op ships.

This is a cheat mod, that has weapons (even a mining weapon), Ship, engines and shields modifications all packed in to 1 mod, that can be build at the workbench.

This is mk3 modifications so you will need to have full research to unlock them, plus like in ShanoTES mod all of the modifications only cost 1 Bandage.

i suggest using the games original weapons,ships shields etc... values.


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Re: [MOD] Pimp my Ships - REQUEST

Post by Bobbyferguson_1 » Sat, 8. Dec 18, 13:35


I have been messing about trying to mod the inventory wares for a while so the trader could always have the mod required items (nividium oxide, extended fuel tank etc etc) because I want to mod things NOW! I was wondering, Can you make a mod that makes all the vanilla mods cost 1 bandage? That would be a much easier way. Also any tips on how you do it would be great. I have modded other games a lot but X4 might be a challenge for now. Thx! :)

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