[MOD] Foundation of Conquest and War V. 4.5

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[MOD] Foundation of Conquest and War V. 4.5

Post by BlackRain » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 06:20

Foundations of Conquest and War

Currently a Lightweight mod. Only adds new ships and fleets to the game. Complete customization based on what you want. Make sure you follow INSTRUCTIONS in order for it to work.

once you download the folder and place it in the extensions folder of your X4 directory, make sure to go to the md folder. Open the md folder, look for a file named focw_config. Open the file with notepad or notepad++ or similar programs. READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE CONFIG FILE FOR THE MOD TO WORK PROPERLY. Everything is defaulted to OFF, so if you do not configure the file, you won't have any changes to your game.

Version 4.5 for X4 3.2
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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by BlackRain » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 06:20

Version 4.5 FOCW

1) Simple update, I reversed the names of all vanilla ships back to vanilla. Now, only ships added by my mod have their names changed (For example Privateer fleet, Inquisition fleet, etc.) The only exception to this is the Argon carrier fleet that defends Argon Prime, I left the name as Argon One.

Version 4.4 FOCW

1) SPlit wasn't working, now working. To edit the split ships, you need to open up the focwsetupdlc1.xml file in the md folder (there is no longer an extension folder, wasn't working for some reason)

Version 4.3 FOCW

1) Messed up some of the Split settings but now all fixed. Just drop this in and now the split ships will work correctly that you configure.

Version 4.2 FOCW
Please pay attention to the following instructions!
I didn't realize, but the way I was doing things wasn't actually working well, if at all. So, the mod wasn't actually fully working previously. I have now fixed this and it works as it should. What this means is, you need to be careful how you configure the mod because I do not know how it will affect the performance of your game. Adding a lot of ships may affect performance (of course if those ships get destroyed then performance will improve I suppose). Do not judge based on previous versions of the mod because they weren't working properly and aren't a good way to gauge how well it will work with the working version! Try using lower settings at first and only activate the things you really want unless you are confident or just want to try it out. I also don't know how it will affect the game in the long term (in terms of war balance, etc.)

1) NEW WAY OF CONFIGURING THE MOD SO PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. In the MD folder of the mod, open up the focwsetup.xml file. The configuration options are now there, just follow instructions in there (it is the same as before but different file now). Do not edit anything else in the file unless you know what you are doing.
2) Fixed ships not actually activating in the mod.

Download link is in the OP

Version 4.1 FOCW
1) Now fully compatible with Split DLC adding in Split ships and fleets.
Make sure to go into the FOCW folder in extensions. Then, there is an extensions folder in the FOCW folder as well. Open the extensions folder within the FOCW folder, then open ego_dlc_split folder, then MD folder, then open focw_configdlc1.xml file to configure the mod for split. This will allow you to choose how many ships and such you want in your game.

Version 4.0 FOCW
1) Complete change to the mod, removed everything except for the new fleets/ships.
2) Configuration menu to configure the mod. Make sure to read all instructions.

Version 3.3 FOCW Alpha
1) Issues with Xenon ships not spawning "should" be fixed. All Xenon miners and such should spawn now, let me know if you are still not seeing any Xenon ships (for those whose xenon are no longer producing). In my game, the Xenon are doing okay.
2) More Xenon ships/fleets will be built.
3) Stronger Xenon ships (increase in shielding and hull)
4) Slight increase in speed of Xenon M pulse turrets.

Version 3.2 FOCW Alpha
1) Xenon miners and energy freighters that spawn in the shipyard sectors for Xenon. 10 of each for each of the shipyard sectors, 40 total. They will spawn replacements for any destroyed every 3 minutes. These ships can be completely eliminated by either weakening the Xenon enough or taking over the sectors where there are shipyards.

Version 3.1 FOCW Alpha
1) Added more spawned ships to all Main factions
2) Increased fighter support for Xenon and overall more fighters in game.
3) Increased ships/fleets for Xenon overall. May lead to Teladi being hurt bad in early game.

Version 3.0 FOCW Alpha
1) Increase in Hull HP for all turrets.
2) Added some fleets/ships which spawn but can be fully defeated if the faction is weakened enough.
3) Added more Xenon miners, both to those built and some that spawn.

Version 2.9 FOCW ALpha
1) Slight increase in Xenon XL fleets (added 2 more destroyer fleets for defense)
2) Increase in fighter escorts for all Xenon XL fleets (Can now be anywhere from 8 to 16 fighters in addition to other escorts)
3) Decreased range of Main guns for destroyers (9km range now)
4) Increased range for all missiles by 2k for each type.
5) Increased speed slightly for most missiles but not all.
6) Changed gate from Hatikvah's choice to Tharka's cascade, now the gate is in Morning star III (I think this requires a new game however)

Version 2.8 FOCW Alpha
1) Slight decrease in Xenon border fleets
2) Huge decrease in both Xenon turret L laser turrets and Xenon turret M laser turrets. They were way too overpowered.
3) Decrease in Xenon shielding and also slight increase in the delay for shield regen for Xenon K and I ships.

Version 2.7 FOCW Alpha - Most likely needs a new game to use!
1) Big changes with the job file. This should improve performance as well as the amount of overall ships are decreased. Xenon should be a greater threat especially in their home sectors. Xenon Defense ships and fleets increased a lot.
2) Full blown weapon and shield changes. Combat should be more fast paced. Damage of weapons increased, shields increased, faster firing and acquisition for all ships. Taking on capital ships should be more difficult for fighters depending on weapons used.

Version 2.6 FOCW Alpha
1) Decreased all ship numbers slightly for every faction.

Version 2.5 FOCW ALpha (For latest beta only version 2.0b4h2)
1) Changes across the board for weapons and shields (shield changes only to Xl, L, and M shields). Weapons and turrets have been changed, not all but many.
2) Removed hull changes from all turrets.
3) Changes to job ship numbers and equipment loadouts.
4) Removed the wares changes for now so will use vanilla wares until I see how the economy goes.
5) Changes to recruits, recruits you find will have anywhere from 1 star to 5 stars in their area of expertise, much lower stars (0 to 2 or 0 to 3) in other areas. Completely random.

Version 2.4 FOCW Alpha
1) Decrease in shield regen for all shields
2) Increase in damage for most weapons/turrets
3) Increase in Xenon ships in Xenon sectors
4) Increase in Teladi defense fleets/ships
5) Slight increase in Argon and Antigone defense fleets/ships
6) Slight increase in Paranid and HOP defense fleets/ships
7) New basket for only engine parts and smart chips with new trade ships for each faction focused on only these two resources
8 ) Increased how many engine parts and smart chips factories get built per faction
9) Capital ships won't boost (doesn't work with aggressive ai though)

Version 2.3 FOCW Alpha
1) Slight decrease in shield regen for all s shields.

Version 2.25 FOCW Alpha
1) Decreased hull and speed of the Quasar, was too OP I think
2) Increased damage of pulse lasers for S ships
3) Adjusted shield regen for L and M shields
4) Fixed teladi shield regen delay issue

Version 2.2 FOCW Alpha
1) Decreased shield regen for L and XL shields
2) Lowered number of capital ship escorts slightly

Version 2.15 FOCW Alpha
1) Forgot to change equipment loadout for job ships, now changed. Hopefully this will ease the amount of ships going to equipment docks.

Version 2.1 FOCW Alpha
1) Stations now spawn relatively in the same area they used to, no more random spawning of stations. Please let me know if there are still any issues. Also, I kept the filters in for faction control. Let me know if a faction rebuilds the station if it gets destroyed or never rebuilds it (or if you take over the sector, will they rebuild it or not?)
2) Changes to Xenon turrets and ships, Xenon no longer have beam weapons and also decreased the speed of their lasers, changes to shielding and hull of both ships and turrets.
3) Big changes to shield regen for every shield. No delay on shield regen for any ships and much faster shield regen for all ships. Let me know how this goes.
4) Reduced ware costs for hullparts and engineparts for building ships, hopefully will help economy.
5) Increased the amount of some important production stations being spawned/built.
6) Removed faction changes for aggression and avarice because I am planning to test FOCW alongside the temporary fix for faction wars.
7) Removed buildstorage file which made them destructible/vulnerable. I am testing alongside aggressive AI (which is supposed to have code to ignore these types of stations)
8 ) Reduced some fleet sizes (slightly less ships)

Version 2.0 FOCW Alpha
1) New Feature - Should now be able to completely rid yourself of a faction (not pirates though). In order to get rid of a faction you must take over their sectors. This will stop them from being able to replace stations and such.
2) Stations are now spawned completely randomly at game creation. If you start a new game with this mod, almost all stations are random. Some will still spawn in the same place (Alliance and Ministry stations, some other exceptions). If you don't want them to be as random and want the same spots as Vanilla than just start a new game with this mod inactive then later activate the mod after you already created a new game. This will make it so that if those stations are destroyed, they could reappear elsewhere later.
3) Greatly reduced ship numbers all across for every faction.
4) Greatly increased hull for Xenon turrets

Version 1.9 FOCW Alpha
1) Fixed the Teladi fighters issue (with way too many fighters). They still are a faction with a lot of fighters but it won't get too crazy anymore.

Version 1.9 FOCW Alpha
1) Now any faction (except alliance right now) you are enemy with will send fleets to attack your owned sectors. If you don't own a sector, they won't send fleets after you.
2) Xenon send new fleets out to attack any faction anywhere. (assuming they get there)
3) Toned down total number of ships by maybe 10%
4) Changed some of the patrols and such for some of the factions (especially Xenon). Xenon now have more defense fleets focusing on defense only and will never be used for offense.
5) Put back in pirate encounters

Version 1.8 FOCW Alpha
1) Delete AIscripts folder if you still have it, no longer using it.
2) New Xenon defense fleets and ships which will only defend Xenon territory and never leave.
3) New Xenon attack fleets which target Argon and Antigone owned sectors only.
4) New Xenon attack fleets which target player owned sectors only.
5) Some minor fixes.
6) A few more Teladi defense fleets.

Version 1.7 FOCW Alpha
1) Removed heat from turrets using gatling guns (let me know how this goes)
2) Added a Company Security fleet for Teladi to patrol Ianamus Zura
3) Fixed a couple errors I made
4) Added back in the wares file, accidentally removed it while testing things

Version 1.6 FOCW Alpha
1) Almost all military ships and fleets will now equip the best equipment. Some ships (like mercenaries and such) will be less equipped.
2) Reformation fleets and ships added (invade godrealm space)
3) some fixes for mistakes I made in previous version
4) Expect fully equipped xenon ships (hopefully making them much more dangerous)

Version 1.5 FOCW Alpha (yes skipped a version)
1) Adjustments to Xenon Turret M
2) Lots of flavor changes and also some changes to patrol areas for existing squadrons/fleets/ships. Every faction now has some differently named ships/fleets/squadrons to reflect their specific faction. Argon has privateers, Teladi has mercenaries, HOP has zealots, Godrealm has inquisitors, Xenon has terraformers, Antigone has militia. These ships/squadrons/fleets are not just name changes. They generally either patrol around border regions or invade enemy territory. Argon One is also back, well not the original ship of course, just renamed the Colossus that never leaves Argon Prime to Argon One.
3) New encounter fleets, meet The Expedition! And The Inquisition! These are not encounters like the deep space encounters. These fleets are built and invade enemy space normally. The Expedition seeks to root out the Xenon and the Inquisition seeks to destroy the heretical HOP. Will eventually add the Reformation (HOP fleets attacking Godrealm), Terraforming fleet (Xenon fleets that want to kill everywhere). Fleets are a little iffy right now since the vanilla escort scripts aren't very good.
4) I added back changes to wares for hull parts because there should be a greater demand since more ships will be produced and destroyed.
5) Must play for 90 continuous minutes for new Expedition and Inquisition fleets to activate (Already activated fleets do not need to be activated again.)

Version 1.3 FOCW Alpha
1) Removed changes made in wares for hull parts. It is now back to vanilla requirements. I am keeping other ware changes for now as I continue to observe economy.
2) Buildstorage health increased to 500,000. It is more resilient but can still be destroyed. Remove the buildstorage_gen_base_01_macro from assets/structures/buildstorage/macros folder if you dont want to be able to destroy this.
3) Updated values for almost every weapon. Adjusted and balanced them.
4) Increased speed of Quasar further.

Version 1.25 FOCW Alpha
1) Adjustments to several weapons. Xenon weapons and shields have been reduced for capital ships. Gatling gun now has 999 ammunition and will fire until overheat. Adjusted damage and heat levels for gatling guns.
2) Increased speed for Quasar (should be around 40 or so ms faster)
3) Altered numbers in jobs. Main factions ships slightly increased back to vanilla levels. Xenon original jobs ships decreased to vanilla levels. Xenon and other main factions still have new fleets. Slightly toned down numbers of new xenon fleets. Slightly increased HAT plunderer ships and added factionlogic tags to them, maybe they will be used by the faction to defend?

Version 1.2 FOCW Alpha
1) Many changes to wares across the board all related to shipbuilding. Ships require less hull, weapons require less weapon parts and advanced electronics, shields require less shield components, drones require less drone parts and smart chips, mines also touched.
2) Changes to Xenon weapons, made them weaker (L turret changed from 750 to 550, small and medium turrets slight changes)
3) Buildstorage can now be destroyed
4) Adjusted gatling gun, faster, longer life, reload changed to 10, somewhat higher heat generated but more damage.
5) You can now hire more reliable crew. Pilots will have random skill in piloting between 3 and 5 stars, morale between 2 and 5 stars. Engineers will have between 3 and 5 stars for engineering and 2 and 5 for morale. Managers will have random manager stars between 3 and 5 and morale between 2 and 5. Marines have random boarding stars between 3 and 5, morale between 2 and 5. Other skills these crew are not proficient with will be between 0 and 2 or 0 and 3 at best.
6) forgot if there is anything else

Version 1.1 FOCW ALPHA - Calling this alpha now for clarity
1) Adjusted turrets again for xenon. From what I have seen, I like the new changes.
2) Hull of xenon turrets greatly increased.
3) Increased hull of Quasar to 4800, now 900 more than pulsar.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by iforgotmysocks » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 06:44

Thanks for all the effort and work you guys put into keeping the idea of a truly hostile universe alive.
U have no idea how glad i am to see that post. :D

Good luck to you guys and let me know if i can help. :)

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Warnoise » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 08:12

Need more pirate factions and make enemies (xenon and khaak) more damgerous because currently the universe is very safe

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Raven78 » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 12:29

Hell yea loved the Mod for Rebirth.
Only Reason i had like 200 Hours in that Game ;)
I´d like to see Patrol Fleets, Sector Defense Fleets, Assault Fleets and as others have said a real Pirate Faction.
Im not far into the Game so i really havent figured out yet how the base Games handles these Things.
Oh and maybe a long term Goal.
Doesnt have to be like a Plot, just something you look forward to work on .
Like an M0 from older Games you can earn or similar.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Perkel » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 13:25

Loved your X-rebirth work and only reason why i scored 200 hours in it after initial 50 that soured me.
Hope you go wild with it.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Iosevus » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 20:48

Is it possible to have the ship job numbers be dynamic and change according to the faction state/needs?

I imagine after a big loss seeing a faction hunkering down and fortify gates and then increase production ships to pump out more resources. Possibly selling off those ships (If that is even possible) after they reach a point of stability.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by mr.WHO » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 20:51

I'm looking forward to this mod.
CWIR saved X-Rebirth for me, so I'm curious what will you improve in X4.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by BlackRain » Sun, 2. Dec 18, 22:49

Iosevus wrote:
Sun, 2. Dec 18, 20:48
Is it possible to have the ship job numbers be dynamic and change according to the faction state/needs?

I imagine after a big loss seeing a faction hunkering down and fortify gates and then increase production ships to pump out more resources. Possibly selling off those ships (If that is even possible) after they reach a point of stability.
Not sure because jobs only specifies the quotas, like max number of ships allowed to build, etc. There may be other scripts controlling things also making it more dynamic. Like they may only build when certain criteria is met or it may be related to resources, etc.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by BlackRain » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 03:30

Anyone want to help with testing edited jobs file? I also edited the script which handles how many stars recruits have.

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Privata » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 17:40

Do you know if Xenon can take over systems? I love that they expand in Xenon space and even send out fleets but they seem a bit conservative with how many ships they build (For a race that only goal in life is to "terraform" everything)
I think if they could be made more aggressive the dynamic would change tenfold.

Its great to see you working on this again, it means I dont need to make that terribly unbalanced crap I did for Rebirth lol

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by bugkill » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 18:29

I enjoyed your previous work in X:R and will look forward to your contribution to X4. The question I have (or basically a request) is if it is possible to have random armed (or have fighter support) transport ships filled with marines that have the sole purpose of hunting and boarding capital ships? I don't remember ever seeing this happen with the AI and I think it would be awesome to see it in a mod like this.
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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by bicheichane » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 19:42

BlackRain wrote:
Mon, 3. Dec 18, 03:30
Anyone want to help with testing edited jobs file? I also edited the script which handles how many stars recruits have.
How can I help? :)

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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Drewgamer » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 20:04

BlackRain wrote:
Sun, 2. Dec 18, 06:20

2) I looked through the script handling the gaining of experience for staff. Currently, staff gains experience when completing missions (like fighting other ships, trading, fleeing from battle, doing nothing, etc.) This also affects stations (managers). I am going to increase the speed of which staff levels up (there are now a total of 15 levels I am told for skills) Although this is only 5 stars (there are 3 levels per star)

This one is important for me. I like the idea of buying rookies and training them up, but currently it takes way too long (if it's working at all).
Have you been able to confirm if staff actually does level up? Or perhaps you could point me in the right direction of where these scripts are located so I can do some testing of my own? :D
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Re: [WIP] Foundation of Conquest and War

Post by Firefox4312 » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 23:32

BlackRain wrote:
Mon, 3. Dec 18, 03:30
Anyone want to help with testing edited jobs file? I also edited the script which handles how many stars recruits have.
I'm down to help, just send me whatever

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