[MOD] Jump Drive Research v4.01 (updated 2021-05-29)

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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v3.00 (updated 2020-03-31)

Post by leoriq » Sun, 17. May 20, 22:37

Berserk Knight wrote:
Sun, 12. Apr 20, 14:50
- Minor fix.
- New "Lite" version : No E Cell requirement for Jumps., Mk1 unlocked and usable by everyone by default. Mk2, Mk3 is still player only, and requires research.
- New "Minimal" version : All L/XL ships use Mk1 Jump Drive for free. Mostly for removing traffic jams at gates due to the queue.
Wow, this is awesome!! Minimal version is just a god-send! Maybe you should release it as separate mod, I think lots of people will love "Capital ships jump near Gate, skipping the waiting queue" mod
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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v3.10 (updated 2020-04-12)

Post by bbn » Sat, 23. May 20, 21:30

I think I have found a bug in one of the scripts (using lite version). I noticed that I have a lot of error entries in logs:

Code: Select all

[=ERROR=] 15682.73 Error in AI script move.gate on entity 0x4b552: Property lookup failed: $ship
* Expression: 8000m + $ship.size / 2f
* Action: <get_safe_pos>, line 19
... so I changed the 19th line of airscripts/move.gate.xml to:

Code: Select all

<get_safe_pos result="$newpos" zone="$gate.zone" object="$gate" radius="this.ship.size / 2.0" min="8km + (this.ship.size / 2.0)" max="10km + (this.ship.size / 2.0)" angle="45deg" ignored="this.ship" allowyaxis="false" directionobject="$gate" direction="$quadrants.{$i}" />
Changed from $ship.size/2.0 to this.ship.size / 2.0. Didn't play too long after applying that fix (if it is a fix :P), but so far so good...

... Though I see that occasionally I get other errors from this mod:

Code: Select all

[=ERROR=] 15797.17 aicontext<move.gate,0x3989c>: failed going through gate!  

Code: Select all

[=ERROR=] 15794.31 Cannot find macro XML file from index 'jump_jumpout_particle_01_macro' in file 'index\macros' 

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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v3.10 (updated 2020-04-12)

Post by PetitViet » Sun, 5. Jul 20, 16:48

Bonsoir Knight

Dit, je vais peut être posé une question bête, excuse moi dans ce cas :)

Mais... comment fais tu la "recherche" de ton module s'il te plait ?

Par avance merci pour ta réponse :)

et dans ta réponse, n'oublie pas que je suis un débutant :) ahaha

Je te souhaite une agréable soirée


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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v3.10 (updated 2020-04-12)

Post by Aranov » Mon, 22. Mar 21, 15:40

I'm doubting this mod will be updated, but I absolutely love it, so reporting anyway, at least for anyone else still using it.

Lite seems to work with 4.0, with some cave-ats.
Biggest issue is jump beacons seem count as nav-beacons for the mission
Mutually Assured Destruction, in Fate of the Yaki, where you can choose guide the Xenon to Earth
An unaware Terran-allied player could automatically complete the objective and choose the outcome they didn't want if they already have a Jump Beacon network.

Minor issues, the gate jump from this mod is in vanilla and redundant. May also cause problems if gate travel scripts were changed drastically.
And of course the jump beacon doesn't have Terran build plan so it requires commonwealth parts.

Berserk Knight
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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v4.00 (updated 2021-05-17)

Post by Berserk Knight » Mon, 17. May 21, 10:44

Updated to 4.00 on Nexus.

- Energy Cell usage of Mk1 Jump Drive removed for all versions.
- Mk1 Jump Drive no longer needs to be researched.
-- Minimal version just replaces Egosoft's insta-jump with this mod's 10 second jump.
- Jump cancel mechanic removed.
- Ships are only aligned to their next destination on a beacon jump, not gate jumps.
- Betty announcements when jumping with autopilot.
- Thanks to JasonX2000 for the warebasket fix.

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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v4.00 (updated 2021-05-17)

Post by Lazerath » Wed, 26. May 21, 22:16

I have researched all three Jump Drives but I cannot find a place to purchase the blueprint for the Jump Beacon. Its not available at Arg/Ant Representative.

Is this a bug? Or do I need to have my own Fab/Maintenance Station to create them?

Also is there a way to simply force the blueprint to show up?

Using the Latest Full Version. New Game (4.03 + all DLC's)

I have figured out that You can select Nav Beacons and its works (except in sector). Is this hows its supposed to work (and I was simply confused)?

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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v4.00 (updated 2021-05-17)

Post by Berserk Knight » Fri, 28. May 21, 20:34

Updated to 4.01 on Nexus.

- Fixed several typos caused by mixing up files.
- Fixed regular nav beacons being targeted for jumps. (Hopefully it stays that way.)
- Added a retroactive fix for the "research not showing up" issue caused by the new "basket" system implemented by Egosoft.

Lazerath wrote:
Wed, 26. May 21, 22:16
Nav beacons being eligible was a bug.

Blueprint is automatically unlocked upon completing the Mk2 research.
You'll need to build it yourself though.
(Other factions can't use them, so it makes little sense for them to make/sell it.)

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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v4.01 (updated 2021-05-29)

Post by steamjr00000000 » Mon, 13. Sep 21, 14:11

With this mod installed my game starts but the main menu never appears. Any ideas?

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Re: [MOD] Jump Drive Research v4.01 (updated 2021-05-29)

Post by Falcrack » Wed, 15. Sep 21, 06:39

I would be interested in a version of this mod where not just the player, but also npc factions, are able to use the mk3 jump drive.

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