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[K0037] Moreya Open Cockpit

Posted: Sat, 19. Jun 21, 04:23
by Fishille
I had a good laugh today:
I was doing the plot mission where I go into the asteroid to recover the Moreya and I was using the Geometric owl. I get the Moreya and Stand up and realize my ship thinks it is docked as the door is open and I can see the other ship in the distance, so I say to heck with clicking on the Teleporter I'm just going to jump for it...
Here's the save I verified that it is still persistent on reloading the game. Feel free to take a leap of faith. ... ml.gz?dl=0

Additional fun, I discovered I could jump out unto the nose of the Moreya and walk around. I also found the door stayed open when going into the space suit and I could fly into the ship in the space suit. I took some fun screenshots. But I don't think they will add anything the save doesn't already have.
I should note also vanilla 4.0 HF3 Terran Cadet Start

Re: [K0037] Moreya Open Cockpit

Posted: Mon, 21. Jun 21, 10:57
by Ketraar
When you dock and undock again, does the issue persist? Using your save it solved it for me.



Re: [K0037] Moreya Open Cockpit

Posted: Mon, 21. Jun 21, 17:29
by Fishille
I didn’t consider it game breaking, but I did notice it corrected itself. I just wanted to document the event.