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[FIX][K0011] 4.00 HF3 Minotaur turrets can minimally damage their own ship - Fix in a build after 4.10 b1 HF2.

Posted: Mon, 14. Jun 21, 18:11
by Alan Phipps
It has long been understood that ships should not be able to damage themselves.

There is some evidence to the contrary in this save although it is not a serious issue in most cases: ... ml.gz?dl=0

Steps to replicate:
  • Load the save but press Pause during the percentage loading sequence.

    You are in a Cobra close behind an SCA Minotaur Raider that is firing its right bolt turret at you. Note the incoming bolt bullets paused in flight and the constant blue shield impact effect on the Minotaur. The Cobra has not recently fired, its turrets are disabled, and there are no other combatants or hazards around.

    Note the range and position relative to target as this is about where you want to stay behind it. Now unpause the game.

    If you drift left or right from that position behind the target, one of the bolt turrets will open up. If you drift up or down, both may. Note the blue shield impact effects on the target when they fire and that the indicated Minotaur shield level can decrease briefly as a result even though it is actively recharging.

    If you now fire and strip down the shield completely using the one pulse cannon selected, you can repeat the experiment with no shield and sometime notice a single point drop in target hull percentage when the target has no shields, it is firing its turrets, and you are not hitting it. You have to be quick to see this with bolt turrets and as the hull is being slowly repaired, but it is more evident with a heavy-hitter such as plasma turrets.
Bolt turret self-harm has little impact on combat results because so few bullets of the bursts from the turrets impact their own ship. The effect may be more significant with more powerful turrets although rate of fire is slower and so shield recharge usually caters for this too.

I hope this helps.

Re: [K0011] 4.00 HF3 Minotaur turrets can minimally damage their own ship.

Posted: Wed, 16. Jun 21, 11:32
by BurnIt!
Thanks for this excellent save and description, that made fixing this really easy.
Fixed in an upcoming build.