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Removed from troubleshooting suggestions

Posted: Mon, 16. Dec 19, 14:12
by geronimo3
i do not wan´t to spam this thread, and thanks to Imperial ..- for his work to summarize tips for a good running gaming system.

i have the proposal to build up an X4 benchmarking comparison table in this forum, what we need for this i think, is an standard game save so everyone has the same game to benchmark against. Idieally like in the old X3 days where Egosogt provided a rolling demo with average framesummaries at the end of the run. But i understand egosoft is busy and cannot support, but an gamesave provided for everyone interested in joining the benchmark is good enough. Reason for this is that i have seen frametimes here in the forum which i find hard to interprete, i´am running X4 on 3 of my machines and have an idea what is possible and where i can tune, but probably there is something to learn.

thanks, geronimo