Ships flying to station - Target lock causes early loss of flying

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Ships flying to station - Target lock causes early loss of flying

Post by Dragonlord1975 » Sun, 12. Jan 20, 19:36

I was flying to a station that I had never personaly been to and my ship started to slow down in cruise mode, till it came to a complete stop about 40 to 50km from said station, At which point I would switch from my gamepad controller to my keyboard and still nothing untill I remove the target lock at which point I would resume flying. I have never seen this till today in all of the 500+ hours I've been playing so I have no clue as to what is going on. I am running a vanilla of the game ver 2.60. I haven't changed hardware or software in the last 6 months so I know it not that. I use a xbox controller for pc and have been using it sence day 1. If you need a hardware list let me know.

The only time I've seen something like it is when you are getting close to a anomally. I did a long range scan and no anomally. So I switched ships and same thing happen again, in total I switch ships 3 times and 3 times it happened, so for now when I'm flying to a station I have to make sure I don't have a target lock on it.

Well after playing around a little more I figured out what the problem is, when you are using a controller the game is auto matching the speed of what you have targeted even if you have nothing selected in the controls menu, which means the coding for the controller is messed up and if you run the tutoreal it will set the controller as what is default in the coding, so the coding for the controller need to be reset to what is native for the systembecause tring to catch a Zenon M when your 10km away and going at the same speed with no option to boost or cruise mode to get closer is a real killer.

Well I was able to fix the problem, it invalved disconnecting the controller from system while the game was running, saving and quitting to desktop then reconnecting the controller to system. Doing so resets the controller to system native and removes the coding from the game, and then when you start up X4 the controller is at system native and funtions as it should.
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Re: Ships and Stations

Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 12. Jan 20, 20:22

I've added in parts of your PM to me to the post above and added to the thread title to help with the explanation.

To help the devs, could you say what size(s) of ship this was with, whether it happens with you personally as pilot and/or if it happens with an NPC pilot, and whether any other mission objective or guidance was active at the time. If at all possible, could you please provide a link to an uploaded vanilla save at a point where this is happening.

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