[Beta 3.00] Captain Bugged - it's there but also not (bug since 1.3 probably)

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[Beta 3.00] Captain Bugged - it's there but also not (bug since 1.3 probably)

Post by King_of_Limbs » Fri, 3. Jan 20, 01:59

The captain was listed under crew as captain. I could call him/her from the ship Info panel if I clicked the name and selected call. But at the same time if I selected the ship I could not call the ship or assign any orders to it. So I flew back there and wanted to look in the ship. Just as I docked, the captain was suddenly there in union with its ship again and started off.
How I did it:
- I bought a new ship for the main mission.
- Asked the captain to fly my old starting ship. He walked out of the ship.
- Made up my mind and caught him at the stairs. Told him to get back to fly the new ship. He got back to his chair.
- Undocked with my starting ship. Gave order to go to mission destination.
- Captain would not respond. Went there alone.
- Destroyed my old starting ship in the mission with the antimatter.
- Had my miner (a third ship) pick me up
- Flew over to the captain who had the seizure - when he saw me approaching he probably finally realized space porn would not get him paid. Don't know.

Just wanted to share since this problem had been described very much alike in 1.3 already and seems to not be fixed since then. See here:
https://steamcommunity.com/app/392160/d ... 794438307/

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